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Any Value in Attending Court Reporting Conventions?

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Planet Depos, LLC is a global court reporting company, providing best-in-class court reporting, videography, videoconferencing, interpretation, and trial support services throughout the United States and abroad. The Company is headquartered in Washington, DC with 60+ offices around the globe. As a forward-thinking company, we are conversant with the latest technologies and work closely with clients to implement case-winning tools, including streaming text and video, realtime to iPads, mobile videoconferencing, and digital deposition exhibits.

At Planet Depos we are passionate about what we do, we challenge the status quo and exceed the boundaries of our clients’ expectations. We work only with the most elite professionals and handle all the heavy lifting for our clients, without disappointment or unpleasant surprises. Read More.

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The Importance of Mentoring

The respondents unanimously agreed that mentoring is the most valuable gift a working reporter can give to a student or new reporter.  Danielle Krautkramer tells Planet Depos that “there are no down-sides, only up-sides to mentoring,” that she always “has ...
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Stabbed in the Backup

Stabbed in the Backup

Since software enables court reporters the ability to synch the proceedings’ audio with their writing, NCRA created the “Stabbed in the Backup” chapter of its Courting Disaster game, and it’s a must-do for every reporter, as it teaches the rules ...
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Wong Tai Sin Temple Gate

The Tao of Discovery

Over two thousand years ago, the Chinese warrior-philosopher Sun-Tzu wrote a treatise on military strategy called “The Art of War.”  Since that time, this legendary text has become required reading throughout Asia.  Whether in business school, the armed forces, or ...
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