Yearly Archives: 2009

About Court Reporting

Significant Points Job prospects are expected to be excellent, especially for those with certification. Demand for real-time broadcast captioning and translating will spur employment growth. The amount of training required to become a court reporter varies by specialization; licensure requirements …
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Notary Public Scotland

Notary Public Following the Law agents (Scotland) Amendment act 1896, which provided that thereafter only enrolled Law agents could become notaries, and the Conveyancing (Scotland) act 1924, which extended notarial execution to Law agents and others, the importance of notaries …
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Notary Public

DEFINITIONS OF A NOTARY PUBLIC A Notary Public is a public officer whose function is: To administer oaths; and To attest and certify, by his signature and official seal, certain classes of documents, in order to give them credit and …
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