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About Gus Shuwayhat

Account Executive

The product might be the same, but the service is special.

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My Story

You may have heard the saying “Sales people are only as good as the product they sell.”  Well, in the court reporting world, Account Executives are only as good as their backend office and experts they hire. 

My name is Gus Shuwayhat, Account Executive with Planet Depos since 2016.  Prior to finding my home at Planet Depos, I worked for a large, publicly traded company.  But I was never a “corporate” guy. 

I was born into a life of customer service… literally.  My parents immigrated into this country 50 years ago, and opened a small grocery store in Laurel Heights, San Francisco.  Myself, my 3 sisters, and my parents lived in a 2-bedroom apartment above our store.  We were very poor, we worked very hard, we never vacationed, and we loved our customers.  Not only was I taught an incredible work ethic, but more importantly my parents taught us that our customers have options. 

Even though there was a larger, cheaper supermarket down the street… the neighborhood supported us because they knew we truly appreciated their business.  My dad would bag their groceries, and hand them to me.  I would then insist on carrying it for them all the way to their house – whether 1 block or 10 blocks away.  I memorized their names, the color and shapes of their homes, and never accept a tip.  Instead, my father taught me to look people in the eye and say “Our family appreciates you. Next time you need something just call and I’ll run it over.”  I literally “ran” groceries all around the neighborhood.  I felt famous.  I was 5 years old.

The product might be the same, but the service was special.

At Planet Depos, I found a family-owned business that treats their employees like gold.  This creates a culture where people are happy, enjoy their work, passionate about their jobs, have each other’s back, and works together as a team.  We take pride in going the extra mile without being asked.  We take pride in making it happen.  Everyone’s goal here is the same – to ensure our clients have a ridiculously awesome experience.  We strive toward making our clients live’s easier.  And best of all, being privately-owned means we grow at our own pace, with competitive rates.  We don’t answer to shareholders, we answer to clients. 

We strive to be your best option.

What It Means to Work With Me


Treat others how you would like to be treated

Honesty, integrity, and accountability are traits I take pride in having. I like to believe that my clients find this to be refreshing.  

Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend to everyone that they use Planet Depos for all of their deposition needs. We were lucky enough to use their services for our ITC case and the Planet Depos staff, both nationally and internationally, helped us out tremendously. The Planet Depos team made scheduling all of our depositions run smoothly, even with our last minute changes. Gus and his team were available to us at all times, day or night. They were responsive and extremely professional. The Planet Depos team is on top of all of the international deposition rules and regulations and provided us with amazing insight and tips. Planet Depos has become our go to team for our deposition needs.

– Senior IP Specialist, Paul Hastings

Gus and the team at Planet Depos has been extremely helpful for our video depositions taken outside the U.S. Their team is professional, always immediately responsive, and works with you to ensure all issues have been solved prior to a deposition. I especially like that Planet Depos is proactive in arranging the depositions. We use them again and again, and will continue to do so for our international depositions.

– Partner, Lewis Brisbois

Gus. thank you SO MUCH for all of your amazing guidance and assistance in transitioning all of our depositions to remote! What to me was initially a daunting challenge (remotely setting up remote depositions) in the Year of All Challenges was streamlined, efficient and professional – All because of you and your team!

– Paralegal, DLA Piper

The entire team at Planet Depos are TOPS in their field. From the moment I was introduced to Gus Shuwayhat, everyone from Scheduling, Tech Support, Video and Transcripts have gone above and beyond to make sure that either I or anyone on the team have everything we need to successfully schedule and take remote depositions

– Legal Practice Specialist, DLA Piper

Gus is extremely professional and responsive, and together he and the Planet Depos team deliver superior work product. I had the pleasure of working with Gus and the Planet Depos International team recently on some very last minute Korean depositions. Planet Depos worked fast to accommodate us, and the attorneys were very impressed with the each of the court reporters, check interpreters and video techs that were assigned to our cases. Despite a half dozen or so depositions being taken in less than one week, Planet Depos was also budget friendly, as there were zero fees for incurred for travel due to their strong international team local to the area. I highly recommend Gus and the Planet Depos team for excellent customer service and superior quality work product.

– Paralegal, Dentons

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