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About Hillary Rettaliata

Worldwide Account Executive

As an Account Executive with 20 years of sales experience, I am always here to provide the best for my clients in the court reporting industry.  I work hard to make their experience the easiest and to be there for them 24/7, 365 days a year, should they need me.

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My Story

About My Professional Background

Prior to joining Planet Depos, I worked as a paralegal for various law firms in D.C.  This taught me a lot about the legal field which would come in handy in my later years at Planet Depos.  After leaving the paralegal industry, while searching for a completely different career, I was hired as a mortgage broker where I was then promoted to manager of a mortgage brokerage firm for a nationwide company.  My job duties entailed the hiring of mortgage professionals who I trained in the industry.  It was my job to teach them the ins and outs of customer service and the best sales techniques.  This included the building up of relationships, not only with customers but with others in the business, including settlement companies and underwriters.

After the crash of the real estate industry, I found myself seeking other employment.  This is where I found my dream job at Planet Depos where not only do I get to work for one of the best court reporting companies in the world, but I also get to work with a wonderful team of sales professionals.  I was the first salesperson hired after Planet Depos came into existence and have now celebrated my ninth year with the company.  I have met wonderful people, including attorneys, paralegals and secretaries, and have built up a client base of amazing people.

A Little About Me, Personally

I was born and brought up in the Riverdale Section of New York where I attended press parties with my dad who was a press agent and publicist.  This allowed me to meet actors such as Annette Funicello, Mary Martin, Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Lassie, Joan Rivers and others.  My Godfather also produced The Honeymooners.  This was in the 60’s so some may not be familiar with these people in the entertainment industry.  It was a wonderful time in my life, and I hold those memories very dear to me.  At the age of 14, my family moved to New Jersey where I began high school and then eventually college.

In 1978 I graduated from college in New Jersey where I studied journalism and communications.  My dad having been a writer and the NY Bureau Chief for TV Guide, made me want to follow in his footsteps.  However, while taking this journey, I discovered my love for working with other people which eventually led me into sales.  This is the path that I had hoped to choose for my professional life.

While in college, I was also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and a little sister to the Phi Psi Fraternity.

I have had many volunteer jobs over the course of my life, including volunteering in the children’s wing of a hospital and serving food in a soup kitchen for homeless people. 

I am married and recently moved to Kent Island in Maryland where my husband and I are enjoying the Eastern Shore.  I have a 32-year-old son, Jason, and a 32-year-old daughter-in-law, Dana.  They live in Pittsburgh, where they enjoy the city life. I also have a stepson, Sam who is a chef.  My husband and I own two dogs: Bailey and Doodah.

What It Means to Work With Me


A trusted resource and team member

Working with me means having the peace of mind that I am a valuable part of your team and that I have your back. Knowing that I am deeply committed to cultivating a relationship with you  based on trust and professionalism. I am enthusiastically, working to make sure you are getting the absolute best Court Reporting Experience the industry has to offer.

Client Testimonials

Hillary and her team are the best! They are always professional, efficient and reliable, not to mention a pleasure to deal with. In the rare case that there is an issue, it is always resolved immediately. Hillary is definitely my go-to.

– Janet G., Paralegal

Out of all the many vendors/representatives I have the pleasure of working with, Hillary Rettaliata is my absolute favorite. She is personable and well-liked by everyone in our firm, is lighting fast with her response time with any issues or concerns (which there are usually none), and she keeps in touch regularly to make sure things are going smoothly. In our business we have the option to choose numerous other court reporting firms - Hillary is just one of the many great examples why we prefer the superior quality, efficiency and organization of Planet Depos.

– Christine G., Paralegal

Hillary is the best and always a pleasure to work with. We have always received great service and appreciate all of the Zoom conveniences during this COVID period. Thank you for all your continue to do to keep our depositions scheduled promptly.

– Paralegal

Planet Depos, and especially Hillary Rettaliata, has made dealing with COVID-19 one less hassle. My job duties as a legal assistant in a busy, litigation-oriented firm are exponentially less strained by the superior service and quick response from Hillary and the Planet Depos team. For all my deposition needs, Planet Depos is my first call. Always.

– Tina B., Coon & Cole, LLC

I have known Hillary for over nine years and she is a consummate professional. Hillary takes care of our office needs and helps us in any way she can as she knows everyone. She is an upbeat and positive person—if we need anything she is there with ideas and solutions. I highly recommend Planet Depos and Hillary Rettaliata for your deposition needs—they are the best!

– Jolie G.W., Weinberg & Schwartz LLC

I believe that Hillary and I met sometime in 2013 or thereabouts at one of the MAJ programs. As I made my rounds to the various vendor tables, I happened to approach the Planet Depos table. I was immediately struck by her welcoming smile, and her eagerness to discuss Planet Depos services. She was kind and patient with me, although I barely knew what a deposition was at that time! I was a new litigator and was anxious to learn about the resources available to me. She indulged me with kindness and patience and gave me an excellent pitch on how Planet Depos would not disappoint. She sent me on my way with PD literature, but first insisted that I enter the PD raffle. I could not resist, and I did so. I left the table feeling quite confident that I would be well taken care of when the need arose for deposition services. To my amazement, I won a free deposition that day! But as I indicated, I was not a litigator yet and I had no cases which required PD services at that time. With a quick phone call, she kindly held my prize over until the need arose. Since then, I have been a loyal user of PD services and will never go anywhere else. Hillary is a huge part of why I feel that way. To make a long story short, Hillary is extremely friendly and approachable. She cares deeply for her clients and she is available at a moment's notice to answer questions and concerns. She is warm and kind and it is always a pleasure to speak with, whether it is regarding a depo. issue or not. It has truly been a pleasure working with Hillary over the years and I look forward to many more years of collaboration. Thank you for your most excellent service!

– Daryl P., Attorney

I have known Hillary from nearly day 1 of my law career. She has supported me and my firm for that entire time as part of Planet Depos, while also becoming a favorite “friend of the office” just by being herself. She is the first person to call when we have a deposition need, but also when we want to do something social as an office. Its rare to come across someone in this line of work that fits so seamlessly into all part of our lives. Thank you for everything you do Hillary – and see you soon!

– Amos W., Esq.

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