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PD Paws

The furry friends of the PD Team!

Michael Ciliberti

Video Specialist

My Wife and I rescued Remy from BARCS Animal Shelter in April of 2013. He was about 6 weeks old then and quite a little ball of energy. He still has all that puppy energy and likes to go for walks and run around the yard chasing squirrels. He is a very loving and friendly dog and we love having him as part of our family.

Julia Alicandri

Sales Support Specialist

Elliot is a husky lab mix. He came into my life three years ago. I never thought I was a dog person until I lived with Elliot. He enjoys teasing the cat, sleeping on furniture he isn’t allowed on (which we are doing in the picture above), and getting overly enthusiastic every time he hears a word that sounds like W-A-L-K. Guests are often afraid of his aggressive bark, but soon realize he is harmless and just wants to say hello… or to see if you have snacks in your pocket.

Laken Keeney

Scheduling Coordinator

I adopted Pirate one week after I moved into my apartment upon hearing I could have a cat from DC Humane Rescue Alliance. She came before the TV, because priorities! She is a calico cat with the most beautiful green eyes. She loves to play with her toy mice and sleeps nestled against my legs each night.

Matt Workman

Senior Account Executive

Meet Farley “Bear.” Farley is from Chesapeake, Virginia and was named after the comedian Chris Farley. He is an English bulldog and is the son of Zeus and Kim Kardashian (not a joke). He is almost two years old. He loves kissing and cuddling his human sisters Grace and Cora. His other hobbies include drooling, sleeping (which means a whole lot of snoring), going for short walks, and watching Animal Planet.

Jeanne Wiley

Court Reporter Manager – Virginia

Dogs have always been part of my life, but when I lost my beloved Brittany, Sam, in September of 2010, I decided enough heartache when I have to say goodbye. No more dogs, no more dog hair, no more dog messes, no more dog sitters. I was free. After a year I realized the truth, that I’m just a happier person with a dog. Leo came to us from the New England Brittany Rescue. His nickname is “Bug” because he’s a love bug.

JJ Rochefort

Senior Account Executive

Jake will turn four in April but still plays like a puppy! He is definitely a “daddy’s” boy! He loves to make new friends and give kisses to his Mom!

Dana Provo

Scheduling Coordinator

Chloe, an American Warmblood, was rescued by Eagle Hill Equine Rescue at just seven days old in Kentucky. She was bottle fed and cared for until she was eighteen months old when my mom, Linda, and I adopted her and brought her to our barn. Chloe loves to run and splash in puddles of water. Now, at six years old Chloe enjoys jumping and horse showing. She has won several ribbons at local Eventing shows and even competed at the Virginia Horse Trials in Lexington, VA. She has the most enjoyable personality of any horse I’ve owned and never fails to make me laugh.

Suzanne Quinson

Production Case Manager

Bocephus came to me just before Christmas 2014, all the way from Bourbon County Rescue in Kentucky. That was the only time I think I’ve ever seen him tired. He loves his walks, roast chicken, and gardening. He can’t walk by a flower without carefully inspecting and sniffing it. He gives reproachful looks if he is interrupted during this little ritual. He is also quite snuggly and an excellent little guard dog, ready to take on any danger, real or imagined.


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