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By Micayla Charles

Do you have an upcoming mobile videoconference? Whether it’s for a deposition, a business event, or maybe a MLB morning meeting, these tips will help you ensure your videoconference goes smoothly.

Ensure you have a strong cellular or wi-fi signal – if you do not have a strong signal the other participants will not be able to see or hear you.

Maximize your cell phone’s battery life

  1. Keep your phone on the charger whenever possible
  2. Adjust the backlighting of your cell to a dimmer setting.
  3. Close unnecessary application
  4.  Turn off application notifications duration of the videoconference

Check your audio and video feed prior to the beginning of the videoconference, and speak in a normal tone of voice.

To get the best audio possible while participating in a deposition remotely, use an earpiece or headset for listening and mute your end of the line when you are not speaking to limit the background noise.

State your name when you object, so that the court reporter and legal videographer can properly identify you for the record.

Try to ask questions at a little slower pace so that any participants who may have their devices muted can un-mute themselves in order to object before you move on to the next question.

Purchase a cell phone case that has a stand so that you are not holding your device throughout the duration of the deposition. This will eliminate a shaky picture.

Be sure that the room is well-lit so the other participants can see you. If the sun is pouring in behind you it’s best to have that the drapes or blinds to cover the window to avoid appearing as a shadow.

Dress professionally and for the camera. Try to wear pastel, solid colors, and avoid polka-dots, stripes, and plaids.

Sit up straight and check the picture boundaries so that you know exactly how far you can move before you are suddenly off the screen.

Try not to look directly at the people on your screen, but instead into the camera lens, which helps develop a more natural interaction between participants.

Limit your physical movements as much as possible, and if you have to move, try to move more slowly so that your movements are not distracting to the other participants and so they don’t appear “choppy.”

Do not use your phone to respond to e-mails and text messages while you are using it to participate in a mobile videoconference. Everyone will hear the clicks, become distracted, and the sounds can interrupt the audio feed to the legal videographer and court reporter.

Beware of the proceedings- while you may be comfortable sitting at your office desk or in your home, what you do is being seen by all of the participants, the sound is being heard, and it is being recorded by a legal videographer and court reporter.

Finally, remember to put on pantseven if you don’t think you need them!

Our court reporters, legal videographers, and trial services consultants are available 24/7 to assist you with your mobile videoconferences. Reach out to us at or call 888.433.3767.

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