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Planet Depos is the only international court reporting company led by court reporters. We are committed to high standards for court reporting excellence through certification and continuing education. A client- and court reporter-centric organization, we attract best-in-class court reporters through professional referrals who value lifelong learning, competency, ethical responsibility, and dedication to exceptional client satisfaction.

We're looking for court reporters who desire to take the next step in their career in some of the busiest markets in the country. We've expanded our operations throughout San Francisco, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Chicago, and we need experienced court reporters to meet the increased demand for services. Where do you want your next adventure to be?

Expert Court Reporting Leadership in touch with Industry standards and trends
Steadfast adherence to court reporting and business ethics
Jobs for all skill and experience levels
Comprehensive mentoring for new professionals 
Well-trained, friendly, supportive back office team
Regional reporter social events
Annual Global Court Reporters Educational Summit
Relocation allowances to our busiest markets
Guaranteed minimum earnings
Unlimited growth potential
Reporter Referral Program

The Planet Depos Global Court Reporters Summit is an annual event that brings together court reporters from across the country and around the world. Attendees may participate on site or virtually for a full day of presentations related to business, technology, and professional development, with networking opportunities and entertaining social events. All sessions are approved for continuing education credits by the National Court Reporters Association.


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Global Court Reporters Summit
Darlene Williams, Professional Development Specialist
Lisa DiMonte, CEO

Lisa DiMonte, 

Lisa has more than 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry with a proven track record of implementing effective case management tools which allow legal teams to focus on their case instead of managing the details of depositions. Lisa has trained and managed thousands of court reporters and support teams around the world and is committed to delivering best-in-class court reporting services at competitive prices with impeccable customer service whenever and wherever the need arises.


Kathy DiLorenzo, Director of Court Reporting

Kathy DiLorenzo, 

Kathy is a recognized leader in the court reporting industry with more than 36 years of experience, including dedicating over 20 years of her illustrious career to the National Court Reporters Association, culminating as its President. Kathy is responsible for the recruiting, vetting, onboarding and continuing education of Planet Depos’ talented team of professional court reporters.

Director of Court Reporting

Darlene Williams, 

Darlene has 28 years of active reporting and 3 years of court reporter professional development and support. Beginning in 2002, she held Certified Shorthand Reporter licenses in California, Arizona and Nevada, providing realtime reporting in complex litigation matters. Darlene’s primary roles are managing quality assurance, as well as supporting court reporting students and interns.

Professional Development Specialist


I'm going on 39 years as a freelancer. I've worked for many agencies over the years but I can truly say working as a Planet reporter has energized my career. They have topnotch clients, excellent, challenging work. Lisa and Kathy, having been court reporters, really know how to treat the working reporter. The Planet back office team is #1 in the industry. I take great pride in saying, "I'm from Planet Depos."

- Nancy Mahoney

Planet Depos has been absolutely instrumental in helping me become the reporter I am today. It is a first-rate agency that also gives back in so many ways by investing in its reporters and future reporters. As one of the first graduates of Planet Institute, Planet Depos helped me bridge the gap between school and my first year of reporting. Whether you are a new reporter or a veteran of the industry, Planet Depos offers so many opportunities for continued growth and development, and they are there with you every step of the way!

- Kristina Tan

There are so many issues and personalities a company has to balance, and I know it is a true juggling act. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have such professional people that I can work with. It really takes the stress out of my job. Not all people are as thoughtful and dedicated to the reporters as you guys are. Luckily, the bad are few and far between, but they do remind me to take the time to show my appreciation to those who stand with me in this profession. Sometimes I forget to thank those who help me do what I do. So thank you for your help, and thank you for always making the experiences and work I do for PD enjoyable.

- Jessie Waack

Court Reporting in Washington, D.C.
Court Reporting in San Francisco

I wanted to personally say thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with Planet, and I wanted also to tell you how impressed I am with everything PD does!! The way PD operates its business is very impressive. I've only been with three firms in my 35 years, but after just five jobs, I feel like I'm in heaven and liking my job again!!

- Debbie Maheux

Court Reporting in Virginia
Court Reporting in Maryland
Court Reporting in Chicago, IL






I can't begin to express in words how happy I am to be a part of the Planet Depos family. It's truly a "family" in every sense of the word. Every team member at PD operates with a level of care and professionalism that is unrivaled in the industry. PD takes care of its reporters! There is so much support to help us do our job well. Along with that, there are incredible resources to help us grow and develop into the top performers in our profession. I am extremely proud to call Planet Depos my home.

- Michael Hensley