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If your depositions take you to Japan, and you already reviewed your deposition checklist for Japan, do not miss the sights of this beautiful nation. Whether your depositions will be at the Consulate in Osaka or the Embassy in Tokyo, you’ll find sensational eating, shopping, and sightseeing awaiting. Be sure to schedule as much extra time as your calendar allows so that you can really enjoy your trip!

View overlooking Tokyo and Rainbow Bridge

View overlooking Tokyo and Rainbow Bridge

Top Attractions in Osaka, Japan

  • Osaka Castle – well, obviously. This is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks, after all. During cherry blossom season (typically April), the grounds are especially spectacular as they burst with frothy pink flowers.
  • Kaiyukan Aquarium – the world’s largest! An especially charming exhibit is the Arctic zone under the world’s largest dome-shaped ceiling tank, where seals “smile” at you from overhead!
  • Shitennoji, Osaka’s largest temple. There is a flea market on weekends as well, which makes for a fun daytime excursion!
  • Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori for more shopping, exploring, and food. This was once a theater district and is now a popular nightlife and entertainment area. You will find restaurants, arcades, and brightly illuminated signs. Definitely have some ramen from Kinryu Ramen – just look for the enormous three-dimensional golden dragon billboard.

Top Attractions in Tokyo, Japan

  • Shibuya Crossing is possibly the busiest intersection in the world, and certainly impressive to witness firsthand – you will practically feel the pulse of the city with all the foot traffic! And there is a Starbucks offering prime viewing of this practiced choreography, as well as your preferred latte. Or check out Coco Ichibanya’s Japanese Curry Rice if you would rather eat than caffeinate.
  • Golden Gai – offering a truly unique experience, the “Golden District” of Shinjuku is a small, concentrated area of intimate bars. Really intimate – they sit between 5 and 30 patrons, and most are on the smaller side of that scale.
  • Skytree, the second tallest human structure on earth, obviously gives great views of the city, if you’ve got the head for it — and the cash. The toll to go up is steep as well, but the view that awaits is worth it, as well as the eats on the restaurant floor. Try mabodofu from the Chinese restaurant, or enjoy a meal at the revolving sushi place!
  • Sensoji Temple is not only Tokyo’s oldest temple, but also boasts the city’s biggest souvenir market. Of course, there are also shops, restaurants, and cafes galore to keep you fortified, as you can easily spend a day here.

Japan offers a wealth of good times, so take advantage of the restrictive hours for taking depositions at the Embassy or Consulate, and create a few unique memories.

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