While Planet Depos trial technologists may make trial presentation look easy, it is called, “hot-seating,” for a reason. Your PD Trial Services Consultant may seem like he or she is involved in every aspect of trial — and that is because he or she will be. Everything your team and your  PD Consultant prepare for prior to trial — and every night in between trial days — culminate in the courtroom.  Our experienced technicians work closely with the legal team to create a compelling visual story, focusing the jury’s attention on specific areas of documents and other media, all with a calm confidence that only a skilled technologist can do.  PD Consultants make it look easy in the courtroom by working tirelessly to make sure they know where your trial is supposed to go, where it might go, and where it wasn’t supposed to go – and then be ready with documents, testimony and demonstratives when it goes there.