jade3Director of International Arbitration

Accredited at the Supreme Court of Victoria, Jade King is a long-term resident of Asia providing firstclass
realtime court reporting services throughout the region.

Judicial background

Experienced trial reporter at the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal (Hong Kong); Supreme Court, High Court (Singapore); Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Family Court, Federal Court (Australia).

International arbitration experience in Hong Kong, India, Mainland China, Singapore and South Korea.

US deposition experience in Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan.

Corporate and political live subtitling for stadium audiences in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Thailand for up to 14,000 people.

Selected Assignments:

133-day criminal trial, Hong Kong High Court

28 realtime connections and daily delivery.

“..Jade King produced one of the most accurate LiveNote feeds I have ever seen…The quality of the transcription was so good that in relation to one lawyer (whose diction was not always clear) I was able to understand what he was saying from following the transcription rather from listening to him.”

“Without her highly specialised skill the trial would have been considerably slowed…”

Government Commission of Inquiry, Hong Kong

50-day hearing, with 20+ realtime connections and daily delivery.

“..Jade King provided realtime reporting…with speed, accuracy and faithfulness to the spoken word. This was a stabilising factor in an otherwise traumatic inquiry. I have no doubt that she is pre-eminent in her field…”

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Investor-state arbitrations and commercial arbitrations, with up to 30 realtime connections and daily delivery.

Shanghai Economic Forum

Reported Bill Clinton’s keynote speech at an event also featuring Rudy Giuliani, Bertie Ahern and John Howard.

Global Tourism Economic Forum

Reported the speeches at a forum for international tourism and finance ministers, with speakers including the Iranian vice-president.

Asian Film Awards (“Asia’s Oscars”)

Provided live big-screen captioning for this gala event from 2010-2015, to ensure entire-audience participation, regardless of language spoken.