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Court Reporting San Jose, California

Planet Depos’ San Jose office is less than 1 mile from the San Jose International Airport, making it a convenient location to conduct depositions. We provide the highest quality court reporters, legal videographers, interpreters, and trial consultants in the San Jose region. Our exceptionally skilled realtime and general court reporters are experienced in every facet of the law, including intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental, construction, medical malpractice, labor and employment, securities and commercial litigation.

All of our deposition, arbitration and conference room suites are outfitted with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment and are fully stocked with office supplies, refreshments, wireless Internet and copy/fax machines.

The entire Planet Depos team stands ready to assist you in our San Jose office or anywhere on the Planet.

Here are a few cities in the area which are convenient to this location:

Santa Clara: 6 Miles

Cupertino: 9 Miles

Silicon Valley: 10 Miles

Los Altos: 13 Miles         

Menlo Park: 18 Miles