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Planning for Deposition Travel to Finland

With teams living on the ground in Europe, Planet Depos offers 24/7 assistance for all of your deposition needs in Finland. Our teams have been covering depositions in Finland for over 15 years, and are therefore considered one of the leading experts in anything pertaining to covering depositions there. We will be more than happy to share this expertise and guide you through the scheduling process, travel and document assistance to ensure successful depositions in Finland.

Entry Requirements for Finland

There are no special visas (tourist or business) required to enter Finland for a stay of less than 90 days. A valid passport is required, showing at least 90 days validity post departure date from Finland. Planet Depos does recommend traveling with at least 6 months validity post departure date on your passport, however. You will need 2 blank visa pages to visit Finland. You will also need to check any countries you pass through to determine if a separate transit visa is required, as there are not many direct flights to Finland from the U.S.

For more information, you can also contact the Finnish Embassy (3301 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20008)

Finnish Embassy

Flying to Finland

There are three major international airports in Finland:

Airlines offering flights to Finland from the US include:

Travel in Finland

For updated travel alerts and information, please visit the State Department’s webpage at:

Staying in Finland

There are several locations for taking depositions in Finland. For example, Helsinki offers several luxurious hotels to choose from for your lodging and conference room needs. We are happy to assist with your conference room needs and hotel recommendations.

Medical Information for Finland

Medical facilities and staff are excellent in Finland, and English is commonly spoken by medical personnel. For medical information in Finland, please visit:

U.S. Embassy – Finland

For updated health information, including health travel alerts and required immunizations, please visit Finland specific websites for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at:

CDC – Finland

Money Matters

Finland, like most of Europe, uses the Euro for its currency. All major international credit and debit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are found in every town, even the smaller villages.

For up-to-date information on the local conversion rate, please visit a reputable currency converter website such as which also offers an app for smartphones.


Summer days are long and warm. The sun is still shining at 10 pm! Some sections of Finland are never dark in the summer, but rather go from twilight to daylight. Summers give way to “ruska” when the forests turn red, orange, and gold. Temperatures are cool and colors are vibrant. Winters are snowy and long. Snow starts falling in November and doesn’t stop until May. The climate in Finland is dry, however, so the cold isn’t as biting as the damp cold of central Europe. Sections of Finland go without daylight for 1-2 months during wintertime! There are hours of twilight around noon. Springs are short and still chilly.

Interesting Fact about Finland
Finns are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers, consuming approximately 26.5 lbs of coffee a year.


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