Checklist for depositions in Singapore

Checklist for U.S. Depositions in Singapore

Taking depositions in Singapore is straightforward using the Planet Depos checklist:


  • Allow enough time (ideally, 2 to 3 weeks) for scheduling due to associated logistical challenges
  • Determine whether the witness is willing to be deposed. If so, both parties can stipulate and begin the process of setting up the deposition
  • If the witness is unwilling to be deposed and must be compelled to testify, a letter rogatory is required. For more information, visit the International Judicial Assistance Website for the Bureau of Consular Affairs
  • Determine the Planet Depos services needed:
    • U.S.-trained court reporter
    • U.S.-trained legal videographer
    • Interpreter (specify language)
    • Local exhibit printing, delivery and shredding
    • Conference room
  • If not participating in person, do you require videoconferencing services? (If not, please skip to the next item on the checklist)
    • Do you need a location in Singapore?
    • Can you attend from your firm’s videoconference suite or do you need a location in the U.S.?
    • Ask about Planet Depos’ Mobile Videoconferencing capabilities!
  • Select your deposition date, starting time and ending time. (Remember to note time zone!)
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Send protective order to Planet Depos for representatives to sign (if applicable)
  • Fill out the Planet Depos Standing Order Form to ensure we fulfill all your needs
  • Send Notice of Deposition to all counsel, the witness and Planet Depos
  • Send prep materials to Planet Depos for reporter’s preparation:
    • Notice of deposition
    • Answer to Complaint
    • Previous transcript(s)
    • Word index
  • Provide contact information for counsel who will be attending, such as hotel or cell phone number
  • Travel safely to Singapore and contact Planet Depos with any questions once you’ve arrived!

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