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Trial services utilize a personal approach to trial technology consulting

Trial Services & Litigation Support Services Overview

Planet Depos Trial Services utilize a personal adaptive approach to trial technology consulting and our legal support services, meaning we adapt to the needs and working styles of each team. We have consulted on hundreds of matters, from pre-trial summary judgment motions, Markman hearings, mock trials, and jury focus groups, to scores of trials, arbitrations, and mediations, as both in-house and outside consultants. PD Trial Services Consultants have contributed to billions of dollars in favorable Intellectual Property, Insurance Coverage, Antitrust, SEC, FINRA/NASD, Government Contracts, Commercial Contracts, and other judgments.

We offer pre-trial planning services, including logistical and technical planning, equipment rental and setup, as well as graphics consulting for Markman hearings, mock exercises, arbitrations, mediations, settlement discussions, and other proceedings.

PD Trial Services Consultants offer the same graphics expertise in developing graphic themes and demonstratives for presentation at trial.  With our litigation support services, PD Consultants can recommend the best tools to present complex concepts clearly and effectively, and will build and maintain a trial presentation database, complete with all of the exhibits, demonstratives, depositions, deposition clips, and daily transcripts, making it possible for your consultants to quickly pull up information as your case develops in the courtroom.

Behind the scenes during your trial, PD Trial Services Consultants can assist with witness prep and presentation run-throughs, create designation clips, and ensure the technology is running smoothly – in the war room and the courtroom.

At the conclusion of your trial, your consultant will archive all data, assist with site breakdown and return shipping, and can create interactive briefs with links to exhibits and testimony

Technology Provides an Edge with Clients and in the Courtroom


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