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Site Setup and Support

Planet Depos Trial Services Consultants provide site setup and support and will continue to work with your firm’s IT staff, as well as the hotel’s engineering staff and internet service provider, to set up a secure local area network that includes both the war room and the individual sleeping rooms, with a dedicated internet connection of the appropriate bandwidth, ensuring that your team has a reliable VPN or remote desktop connection to your home office network, as well as local resources, such as network attached storage, printers and full-finishing copiers.

While PD Trial Technology Consulting recommends setting up war rooms in your hotel, occasionally the decision is made to utilize local counsel’s office for war room space. In this event, PD Trial Services Consultants can still provide desktop support, as well as work with your local counsel’s IT group to supplement their technology, minimizing any interruption to their normal course of business that may occur due to the significant demands of a trial team.

Your PD Consultant will provide full technical support for the local network and network resources, as well as Windows desktop support for common law firm applications, throughout your trial.



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