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Trial Planning

No-Cost Trial Site Survey*:

  • Planet Depos has worked all over the world and has built an extensive network of contacts at various courts, as well as with hotels and local vendors. Trial site surveys through e-mail and telephone consultations with the local court, local hotels, local vendors, etc., can be conducted to determine logistical requirements.
  • Planet Depos will advise your team of desired rates and contract terms based on previous experiences.
  • Planet Depos can perform site surveys of courtroom and possible war room spaces.

When you choose Planet Depos, your deposition transcript and video are already trial ready . There is no additional cost to build a deposition database.

Planet Depos can assist your team in determining courtroom and war room hardware technology requirements, as well as arrange for on-site full-finishing copiers.

Planet Depos can assist your team in determining mock trial, jury consulting, and trial demonstrative requirements, as well as work with your team to create narrated Markman video tutorials.

* If necessary, an on-site survey can be performed at standard billing rates


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