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It’s been a year since the debut of the Planet Depos Ultimate International Deposition Guide. In that year there were many changes around the world in the realm of depositions. We spent the year compiling those changes and are proud to present the second edition of the Guide!

We updated the Guide as necessary to provide useful, current information relating to international depositions.  For example, one exciting change: the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt has expanded their operating hours for depositions!

The format remains the same, with a linkable Table of Contents to allow for speedy retrieval of the information you need, handy checklists, and information broken down by continental regions.  We understand how busy paralegals and attorneys are when preparing for international depositions. You need to be able to find the pertinent information quickly.  The Guide was designed with this necessity in mind.

The Guide also contains new stunning photos from around the world, as well as a comprehensive list of services offered by Planet Depos for your international depositions.  A new feature has been added: problem and solution scenarios drawn from actual experiences that demonstrate how an international court reporting agency can ensure your depositions go smoothly, in spite of whatever hurdle comes your way. Lastly, a directory is included in the Guide, featuring Planet Depos’ International team.

We hope the second edition of the International Deposition Guide is a useful tool as you schedule international depositions in 2017.  Request your free copy of the new Planet Depos International Depositions Guide!

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Suzanne Quinson
Case Manager at

Suzanne Quinson is a Case Manager with Planet Depos. She lives in Frederick, MD, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus, spending much of her free time touring the area in his company.  She loves her hometown Philly, Penn State, P.G. Wodehouse, history, baking and eating, among other things.


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