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About Jacque Wolf

Account Executive

I have worked in the legal industry for more years than I want to count. The upside of this length of experience is that I know what is involved and needed to meet the ever-pressing needs of a legal practice. Fast response times, knowing my business inside and out, and taking responsibility for the end result are part of my work ethic.

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My Story

I have been a member of the Chicago office of Planet Depos for nearly five years.  Starting with Planet Depos is what brought me back to the Midwest from the East Coast where I have lived for over thirteen years.  I am a native of Minnesota but had moved to the East Coast for a position with Westlaw.  Now I am in Chicago, back in the Midwest, and have loved living here since the first day I arrived.

I have worked in the legal field my entire professional career in different capacities.  The greatest benefit of this varied background is that I am personally familiar with the demands and needs of conducting depositions while simultaneously balancing all aspects of discovery, researching to the law for the brief you are writing for the Court with an always too-short deadline, meeting with clients and always with an ear to generating new business. Knowing about these demands so well, I am always working hard to make sure that making your arrangements for court reporters is the easiest part of your day. You can rest assured that you will be receiving the same level of professionalism every day that you are also giving to your clients every day.

I have recently become a foster dog caretaker during COVID.  Frieda is a 3-year Pit Bull terrier who has become an important member of my household.  She’s very affectionate but physically pushy. Very loving and loyal. Weighs about 75 pounds.  It will be hard to return her to her family when the time comes.

Two of my favorite past times are gardening and traveling.  I enjoy both indoor and outdoor gardening.  I grow orchids as well as other standard houseplants.  My outdoor gardening interests leans towards formal gardens.  Everything from designing the landscape to plant selection for the space to weeding and mulching.  I love it all.

Another hobby I enjoy is both domestic and international travel.  Traveling abroad started in college when I lived in Shanghai, China, for most of my junior year after studying Chinese for three years.  Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout Asia.  In Europe, Rome is my favorite city thus far, but I have yet to visit Paris.  I’ve only been to Peru and Machu Picchu in South America but hope to see other countries soon.  I’d love to learn what countries or cities you have enjoyed visiting domestically or internationally.  I am currently taking Norwegian classes, so I am ready for my next adventure to Norway post-COVID.

The aspect of my job that I love the most is the fascinating people I meet every day.  It has been my honor to get to know many of you and look forward to meeting the next new person that is my pleasure to call my client.

What It Means to Work With Me


A trusted resource and team member

I view doing business with you as an honor and a privilege.  Therefore, I approach our business relationship with decorum, reliability and honesty.  I endeavor to be regarded by my clients as someone that is trustworthy, worth seeking out, and pleasure with which to work. 

Client Testimonials

Thank you for all you do. You have always been the most responsive, professional and highest quality court reporting service and will continue to be my preferred vendor moving forward.

– Partner, AmLaw 50 Firm

It has been so easy to work with Planet Depos and with you. No matter what I ask for or when I ask for it, I never get a feeling that it is too much. And when I need the extra touch, I can always count on you. I will never go anywhere else.

– Paralegal

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