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The work of administrative professionals is often the glue that holds a firm together—don’t forget to celebrate them! For all the hard work they do, admins deserve a day of recognition and appreciation. Every year we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. This year that date is April 27! This is a great time to recognize the assistants, secretaries, and other administrative staff members who work diligently behind the scenes in your firm.

With an ever-changing work environment, both remote and hybrid teams and firms are becoming the norm and continuing to recognize your administrative professionals is very important. Make sure to let your admins know how much you appreciate their help. Remote work is not new, but it has been two years since many made the transition. While it may be trickier to recognize your teams when you aren’t in person, it’s even more important to connect with remote workers to keep morale strong. Here are 8 ways to celebrate administrative professionals’ day and tips to make it just as special if you are working remote or hybrid.

  1. Give or send them a personal card

Cards can be a wonderful way to show someone you care. Make sure you write something both thoughtful and personal inside.

  1. Decorate their workspace

Stop at the party store and grab some decorations to surprise your admin. Balloons and streamers can make the work area festive for the day. If you are remote—have some delivered to their home office.

  1. Take them to lunch

Everyone loves a mid-day break from work, especially to their favorite lunch spot. Take them out if you live near or send them a gift card and tell them to go enjoy!

  1. Bring them their favorite coffee

Leave a little early on your way to work and swing by to grab your admin’s favorite drink. If you are working remotely, send a gift card or have it delivered.

  1. Publicly recognize them

Everyone likes to have their hard work recognized. Public recognition on your company’s social media or website is a great way to show your admins the value they provide to your firm.

  1. Send them flowers

Spring is here! What better way to celebrate than some fresh blooms to brighten up their desk or home office.

  1. The day off

A day for a little R&R is always appreciated. Your admins work hard, give them an extra day of PTO. You may not be able to give the entire day off but sending them home a few hours early makes a big difference.

  1. A personal gift

A gift, gift card or gift basket that is personal shows that you pay attention to what your admin enjoys doing.

Administrative professionals are crucial resources in our companies. Their work should be acknowledged and appreciated regularly, but Admin Day each year offers a day to shine the spotlight on them and their excellence. If you work in an office, business or company and want to show your appreciation one of the 8 tips above will do the trick. And if nothing else, start a conversation to thank them for what they do. Your team will appreciate any act of gratitude, no matter how big or small. Be sure to celebrate your admins next week and wish them a happy Administrative Professionals Day this year!

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