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People unfamiliar with the business of court reporting think of stenotype as “outdated.”  But the fact is that court reporting technology has advanced to the point that every word court reporters write on their steno machines these days appears instantaneously on an iPad, laptop or Smartphone.

The same software that enables reporters to translate their steno into English now also has the capability of providing the reporter, counsel and litigants with a backup system known as “audio sync.”  That is, every word is digitally recorded by the reporter’s steno machine or laptop and synchronized to the reporter’s stenotype, ensuring that no word is ever missed.  If ever a reporter’s work product is called into question, the audio linked to that reporter’s steno can be played back, and the transcription verified.

Court reporting schools are beginning to train their students in the use of this technology, and court reporting software vendors like Cheetah TurboCatEclipse/Advantage Software, CaseCatalyst/Stenograph, AristoCat, ProCat, and DigitalCAT/Stenovations now incorporate it into their programs.   Audio sync files streamline the transcription process for scopists and are an invaluable tool for the reporter.


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