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By Neal Price

 One of the jewels of the Scandinavian region of Europe, the Kingdom of Sweden, is a highly frequented country for taking depositions.  Not only is the country full of interesting history and breathtaking beauty, it is also a worldwide leading player in the technology industry.  Depositions in Sweden are common and, with a bit of planning, they can be rather easy to coordinate.

First, Sweden is a party to the Hague Evidence Convention.  According to the U.S. Department of State website for International Judicial Assistance, prior approval is required from the Swedish Foreign Ministry.  To obtain such approval, you are required to reach out to the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm.  This process can take up to six weeks, so you will want to contact them as soon as possible in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to fulfill all of the requirements.  Once permission has been granted, the depositions can take place in a location such as a hotel or office either on notice or pursuant to a commission.

Another very important consideration is the administration of the oath.  Oftentimes, the court reporter will be out of his or her jurisdiction in Sweden.  In this instance, it is customary for the parties involved in the matter to stipulate that the oath can still be administered by the court reporter and its validity will not be objected to at a later time. If this cannot be agreed upon, the oath must then be administered by a Consular official.  At that point, it will likely be necessary for the deposition to take place at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm.

Once the above details have been sufficiently resolved, you can then determine the location for the depositions.  The two major cities in Sweden for depositions to take place are Malmö and Stockholm.  Malmö is approximately a 30-minute drive from Copenhagen, Denmark, and is part of the most densely populated area in Scandinavia.  According to, Malmö is ranked fourth on the list of the world’s most inventive cities with the most patent applications per 10,000 residents.  Stockholm is the capital of the country and the most populous metropolitan region with over 2.2 million residents.  Stockholm, situated on the Baltic Sea, is full of history, culture, and beauty. Home of the Nobel Prize, many have called Stockholm the city where “innovation and culture thrives.”

Planet Depos has been covering depositions in Sweden and throughout Europe and Asia for over 15 years. With our extensive experience in planning depositions, arranging conference rooms, and navigating the Hague Evidence Convention,we will work with you to make sure that your depositions go smoothly. All you need to do is pack your bags, grab your passport, and hop on the next plane to the home of  IKEA.

Planet Depos

Planet Depos

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