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By Neal Price

What a flight! You’re standing in baggage claim after having been squeezed in an airplane seat, herded like cattle through strange airports, and asked 100 odd questions from security guards for the last 24+ hours. Through a curious turn of events, what was supposed to be a rather easy flight from the U.S. traveling west to your Asia-Pacific destination, you have just endured flight delays and cancellations that re-routed your flight through London, on to Bangkok, and ultimately to your destination. You’ve been left stressed and beyond exhausted as you watch and wait somewhat patiently for your baggage to finally show up on the conveyor belt.

Once you have all of your bags and have triple-checked that you’re not missing anything, you start heading toward an exit to begin the final leg of your journey – from the airport to the hotel. You find yourself standing in a taxi queue waiting on the next available vehicle. Your driver seems nice enough as he loads your luggage into the trunk. You plop into the back seat of the cab and tell the driver the name of the hotel where you’re staying. All you get back from him is a blank stare through the rear-view mirror. You repeat the name of the hotel, but still no sign of recognition. The dreaded language barrier! You scramble through your bag looking for the hotel reservation that your assistant dutifully printed out for you. You hand the reservation to the driver, but you can tell he has no idea where the hotel is located. After saying something in his language, he hops out of the car with the printout and runs over to a fellow cab driver to ask for directions. After a few minutes of arms waving, loud talking, and some chuckles, the driver finally gets behind the wheel and speeds off to what you hope is your hotel.

Any delay getting to your hotel is the last thing you need after a harrowing trip to the other side of the globe. So what went wrong and how could it all have been avoided? Are there any options other than catching a random taxi outside of an airport?

Failure to Plan

With all international travel, it’s crucial that you do your homework before leaving your hometown. You need to know about visa requirements, travel alerts, hotels, how you’re going to get from your hotel to your deposition or meeting, what you’re going to eat, what you’re going to wear, etc. In all of your planning, don’t forget to plan for how you’ll get from the airport to your hotel, which is very easy to forget!

Options for Getting from Point A to Point B

The good thing about flying into a large metropolis with an international airport is that there are multiple ways for you to get from the airport to your hotel. With a little digging, you can find several options from which to choose.

  1. Hired Car Service – Most large hotel chains have an outstanding concierge service that can arrange for a private car to pick you up from the hotel and transport you in a comfortable vehicle. Usually, this service can be pre-paid with a credit card or added to your hotel bill. You’ll just need to let them know your flight information, and they’ll be at the airport to carry your weary self to the front door of the hotel. Just don’t get too comfortable, or you’ll not want to get out of the car!
  2. Arranged Taxi Service – If the private car service is a little out of your price range, you can easily have the concierge arrange for a taxi to pick you up. The vehicle won’t be as comfy, but you’ll still be able to rest assured that someone will be at the airport to help you and get you where you’re going.
  3. Limousine Bus – Yet another option would be to inquire about a limousine bus, or shuttle, that runs on a routine route from the airport to the hotel. This might take a little longer as there may be stops along the way at other hotels, but the price is reasonable, and you’re still assured that you’ll arrive at the right place. Just pay attention to the driver’s instructions and don’t miss your stop, or you’ll end up back at the airport!

Don’t let the opening scenario be your story. Make sure to ask your court reporting firm that has assisted with setting up the depositions about transportation options from the airport to the hotel. With years of experience under their belt, they’ll be able to help you avoid mishaps that could leave you both frustrated and stranded.

The International Scheduling team at Planet Depos has assisted numerous clients with transportation needs, as well as printing, shredding, providing vetted interpreters, and the best in court reporting around the world for decades. Just let them know what you need, and they’ll get to work making sure your entire trip is as stress-free as possible. Call us at 888.433.3767 or fill out our international request form.


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