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Managing the daily schedule for Planet Depos is Ivy Thomas.  Ivy has a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice, as well as a Paralegal Certificate.  Ivy ensures that all services requested by the client are scheduled and resources assigned. Planet Depos clients can rest assured that once they call or schedule online, Ivy has taken the lead in making sure the job is covered down to the final detail.  She is happy to assist our clients 24/7.
10 years
“I’ve worked with the DiMonte family for over 10 years now.  I have the pleasure every day of working with a supportive, caring ‘family.’  If you need anything, the DiMontes are always there to help.”

“Everyone here at Planet Depos goes the extra mile with a smile.” “I’ve seen the DiMontes pick up their employees and bring them to the office if they can’t get there due to bad weather.  They’ll do that for their reporters, too.  In fact, I’ve picked up reporters’ children when assignments have run past childcare hours so that the reporter can complete the job without worry. Anticipation and preparedness are what we’re all about at Planet Depos.  When Hurricane Sandy hit, we were prepared to keep operations running with backup generators.  The entire staff stands ready to assist team members in making sure that client needs are met at all times.” We are both fortunate and proud to have Ivy Thomas as part of the Planet Depos team. Contact Planet Depos at 888.433.3767 and discover for yourself how our employee dedication and superior client service make trying even the most complicated cases a pleasure.


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