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Court Reporting in Switzerland

Depositions in Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation, are relatively straightfoward for voluntary witnesses, as they are a party to the Hague Evidence Convention. Voluntary depositions will require prior authorization by the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

Our international court reporters have years of experience handling depositions, arbitrations, and mediations throughout Europe, including Switzerland. With teams living on-the-ground throughout Europe, we are often able to cover last-minute requests for depositions or other services. Due to the logistics involved in depositions in Switzerland, we suggest allowing 4-6 weeks lead time for scheduling and planning.

2023 International Deposition Guide

Resources and Services

Deposition Checklist

Depositions in Switzerland are straightforward and easy if you follow our Deposition Checklist

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in Switzerland.

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Conference Rooms

We provide modern conference rooms for depositions, meetings, and more throughout Switzerland.

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Travel Tips

Before you plan your trip to Switzerland, be sure to review our Travel Tips.

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