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By Katelin Myers

Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Louis Kang

Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Louis Kang

The seemingly impossible has happened – you finally land the perfect dates to take your Japanese depositions! The deponents are available, there are no disputes with any of the parties, and you even found a direct, economical flight directly to Tokyo. To seal the deal, you check on the U.S. Embassy’s website for availability, but lo and behold the dates you need are gone. What now?

Never fear! Although depositions in Japan can create unnecessary stumbling blocks for any legal team, with some insider information, there are ways to maneuver around these pitfalls.

Check the Dates

First, make sure the dates on the website are actually the only dates available. The list on the Embassy’s site is typically accurate, but sudden cancellations take time to process and aren’t immediately reflected online. To double-check on your preferred Embassy dates, have your local court reporting team confirm availability for you by reaching out to the Embassy on your behalf.

Try Osaka

Second, consider a change in location. Most depositions in Japan are taken at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo; however, an often forgotten alternative venue is the U.S. Consulate in Osaka! This location has two room options to choose from, and the smaller room typically has earlier dates available.

Try a Nearby Country

Finally, if the first two alternatives don’t work out, try a nearby country. If your witness is willing to travel, they can ride a ferry to South Korea or take a short flight to Taiwan, Hong Kong or Guam, where depositions are less restricted. This option also offers you the ability to attend remotely, provides more location choices, no restrictive time limits, etc.

No matter where you decide to take your depositions, Planet Depos Asia teams can cover with on-the-ground support and no travel fees. For more information on taking depositions in Japan, contact Planet Depos at or call 888.433.3767.

Planet Depos

Planet Depos

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