By Jade King

The Planet Depos local team set up for an English arbitration recently with nine realtime connections.

The Planet Depos local team set up for an English arbitration recently with nine realtime connections.

Though China does not permit the taking of depositions (and there are some great alternative locations in this previous blog), there are many arbitrations that take place. Mainland China is home to more than 1.3 billion people. And with a massive 160 cities having more than one million residents, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn there were well over 100,000 arbitrations conducted in China last year. Most of these, of course, were domestic and conducted in Chinese, but there is a growing demand for English international arbitration, particularly administered by the “big 4” arbitration institutions: CIETAC, SHIAC, SCIA and BIAC. These institutions have centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

Currently, including the big 4 institutions, unless the arbitral contract specifies English as the language, the arbitration will be conducted in Chinese. But as these and other institutions move to internationalise their arbitral rules, further growth in English reporting services is to be expected.

China FlowersMainland China provides a complex and challenging work environment, though not without its rewards! A visa is required for any non-Chinese national entering mainland China for any purpose. In most cities, visitors will struggle without the assistance of Putonghua-speaking colleagues. Customs and living standards are vastly different to the Western norm. On the other side of the ledger is the opportunity for life-changing experiences such as visiting the Great Wall, wandering through the European concessions, or eating a fresh jianbing for breakfast as you walk to your hearing.

The local PD reporters team is well versed in the arbitral rules of the above institutions, speaks Chinese, and possesses China visas or return-home cards.  Please contact if you have an English arbitration coming up on the mainland, and we will be happy to provide our first-class realtime reporting service just as in any other country!

Jade King - Director of International Arbitration

Jade King – Director of International Arbitration

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