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Timing is everything, especially during rush hour, and particularly when you’re scheduling a deposition. All it takes is a one-minute change in departure, and it can significantly impact your commute. Have you considered how traffic jams can affect your depositions, as well? Many times depositions are scheduled during peak times of rush hour.

In the District of Columbia, that falls roughly between 6:30-10am and 3:30-7pm.  The hours of 7:30-9:30am and 4:30-6:30pm tend to have the highest traffic congestion. Everyone is scrambling to get on the road or the Metro. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on 495, 395 and 66; delays on the Metro, there’s no escaping it! A typical 20-minute route can take as long as 1.5 hours during these peak hours! Unfortunately, it comes with the territory, but even though you can’t change the traffic, you can work around it.

Rush Hour: Scheduling a Deposition Around Traffic

Tip 1: Schedule Your Deposition Earlier

In our experience, when a deposition is scheduled during the rush hour peak, rarely does it start on time because someone is running late due to traffic. Consider that if most individuals work 9-5, everyone is rushing to get to their destination before 9am and after 5pm. If you have a longer deposition scheduled, how about starting earlier so that the participants can avoid getting stuck during the highest congestion?  Or if you have a short one, perhaps starting later?

Do you have a visiting guest for the case? Visitors coming in from other areas are unfamiliar with the daily traffic patterns. Be considerate of that, as well, because it will take them longer to find the location and a place to park.  Even if they plan ahead, oftentimes they are unaware of the magnitude of traffic.

Tip 2: Schedule Your Deposition Near Public Transit

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit has many stops throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia – something you should be aware of for witnesses who do not drive. Another critical factor is parking. Finding a parking spot during rush hour is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Of course, it’s best if you book a location that offers parking. Planet Depos offers locations near public transit stops, should you need a location that is accessible.

Tip 3: Take a Video Deposition Remotely

If you prefer to avoid traffic altogether, then consider a videoconference deposition. This gives both the attorneys and witnesses the option to participate in the deposition without being physically present and the stress of traffic. Here at Planet Depos we offer a variety of options such as traditional videoconference and mobile videoconference with 24/7 technical support so that your deposition runs smoothly.

Taking depositions remotely also alleviates the problem of finding a common space. You may have attorneys who live in other states or countries, so by choosing the videoconference route, you’re not only saving yourself time, but also all of the expense that comes with traveling.


Traffic can make people mad, upset, and quite anxious – not the best emotions to carry into a deposition. You want the witness and counsel to be relaxed, making the deposition flow a lot smoother. Traffic is inevitable, but with proper planning, you can avoid the length of your commute and the stress associated with it! To schedule your next deposition, call us anytime at 888.433.3767, or send us an email at

By Debby Cavazos

Planet Depos

Planet Depos

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