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Planet Depos Services

Court Reporting, Interpretation, and Trial Services

Planet Depos is a global court reporting company led by world-renowned industry experts. We provide best-in-class court reporting, interpretation and trial services throughout the United States and abroad to U.S. and international law firms, worldwide corporations, and government entities. We have extensive experience reporting complex matters around the globe, including arbitrations, trials, and depositions. Planet Depos is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has more than 50 offices worldwide.



Court Reporting

Highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals providing world-class court reporting and subject-matter expertise. In addition to instant rough drafts, we provide same-day, next-day, expedited and regular delivery.

U.S. Arbitrations

Realtime reporters and related services throughout the U.S.

International Arbitrations

Realtime stenographers, editors and IT specialists strategically located around the planet.

Judicial Services

Realtime stenographers in various jurisdictions including the Hong Kong High Court and Singapore Supreme Court, as well as tribunal and regulatory hearings.

Text Streaming

Text streaming services, with audio and video streaming, and instant messaging can provide you the edge you need in the courtroom.

Conference Rooms

Arrangements made for depositions, arbitrations, mediations or meetings anywhere on the Planet.

Realtime Translation

Onsite or via the Internet, supporting all realtime viewing applications on all devices.

Preferred Partner Program

Proven benefits of the most cost-effective court reporting solution in the industry. Under our program, your court reporting savings begin immediately!



Trial Services

Personal adaptive approach to trial technology consulting.

Trial Planning

Planet Depos can assist your team in determining courtroom and war room hardware technology requirements, as well as arrange for on-site full-finishing copiers.

Trial Equipment Rental

Our up-to-date and well-maintained equipment is priced well below other national litigation equipment rental vendors and shipped at cost to the trial site.

Site Setup and Support

Planet Depos Trial Services Consultants provide site setup and support and will continue to work with your firm’s IT staff.

Courtroom Setup and Support

Your PD Trial Support Consultant will ensure proper courtroom setup by working with opposing counsel, other hardware vendors, as well as court clerk and technical staff.

Trial Presentation Preparation

Access and display exhibits from your laptop or iPad, import documents from your database, minimize paper, shipping, and related costs!

In-Court Support

While Planet Depos trial technologists may make trial presentation look easy, it is called, “hot-seating” for a reason.

Post-trial Services

At the conclusion of trial, your PD Trial Services Consultant will archive all of the trial data and provide it to your team.

Demonstrative Graphic Design

All PD Trial Services Consultants can assist your team in developing graphic themes and analogies that will communicate complex stories, ideas, and concepts to judges and juries in a manner that is more easily understood and better retained.




Legal Videography

Digital equipment with lavalier microphones, audio mixer, backdrop, and simultaneous backup.

Video Streaming

Often during an important video deposition, someone who needs to view the deposition in realtime cannot be present at the deposition. This could be you, your co-counsel or your client. The best solution in this scenario is video streaming.

Planet Viewer

When you request a synchronized transcript and video, we synchronize your transcript word for word with the video, put the entire day’s proceedings on one DVD and deliver it via the Planet Viewer, a stand-alone player.


Multimedia Depositions

Bring your evidence to life in a persuasive and compelling way.

Using Video to WIn

Site Inspections, Day-in-the-life documentaries, Video Settlement Documentary, Pre/Post Construction Documentation, Accident Reconstruction and Insurance Claim Site Documentation.



Traditional Videoconferencing

Traditional videoconferencing from a dedicated location provides a high-quality and stable connection.

Mobile Videoconferencing

Mobile videoconferencing allows you to attend your deposition remotely from your mobile phone or laptop.




Our pre-qualified interpreters are assigned to cases based on experience, knowledge of the subject matter, as well as skill in integrating cultural distinctions.


We provide precise, accurate and certified translations in any discipline and of any type of material from English into any language and any language into English.


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