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Good news!  Planet Depos’ International Deposition Guide is rolling out, now in its fourth edition.  The 2019 guide has captivating new graphics, as you’ve come to expect every year.  Additional changes include interesting tidbits about far-flung spots on the globe, and some exciting updates regarding depositions in Japan!  As mentioned in a blog last year, cell phones are now permitted into the Embassy and Consulate in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively, though with restrictions, of course.

Among things that haven’t changed are the handy layout and linkable table of contents page, so it’s still easy for you to get where you need to go for the information you want.  You can still admire the country flags while getting a quick snapshot of vital information regarding depositions and travel.  Countries not allowing depositions are clearly marked as no-gos, and of course, Planet Depos can suggest alternatives for those frustrating situations.  Should you travel for your deposition overseas?  Do you need to?  Informative charts and checklists for depositions and travel helping you answer just these types of questions are again included.  Useful websites with practical information pertaining to international travel and legal information still round out the guide.

With the Planet Depos International Deposition Guide and your passport (or videoconference suites booked), you will be all set for depositions anywhere they can be taken in 2019.

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