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For the court reporter whose clients prefer to bring them along wherever they go, here are some travel tips and accessories that will help take the stress out of the journey:

  1. Carry on your person and/or in your cell and secure cloud your airline ticket, itinerary, maps, equipment list (include the make, model and serial numbers of your devices), hotel and transportation arrangements, assignment information, passport, driver’s license, health insurance card (verify coverage), bank card, and credit card. (Contact your credit card and bank card companies to forewarn them that you will be traveling abroad. Do not bring unnecessary credit or identity cards).
  2. Reliable, water-repellant luggage — verify that your carry-on meets the airline’s dimension and weight limits — and only place TSA-approved locks on your checked baggage.
  3. A list of your bank and credit card numbers and contact information, your health insurance policy number and contact information, homeowner’s insurance policy and contact information, and copies of your passport and driver’s license in a secure Cloud and/or with a family member or friend (reachable telephonically).
  4. Primary steno writer (in your carry-on) and backup writer (packed well and checked or shipped in advance).
  5. Laptop with extra tablets and keyboards (loaded with steno and realtime viewing software with your dictionary backed up in the cloud).
  6. A world-compatible cell phone and charge key loaded with a good translation/interpreter app.
  7. A reliable converter/transformer, adapter kit and power outlets.
  8. An extra laptop/phone/tablet charger and battery pack.
  9. Everything else discussed in our “Taking the Stress Out of Getting There on Time” post, as well as exhibit storage pouches for safe transport.
  10. Ear buds and cell phone tripod (for well-earned down time).

Traveling with so much equipment can be tricky, but with a little planning and the right accessories, a savvy reporter can take the stress out of business travel and make it an enjoyable experience.


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