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Rush Hour: Scheduling a Deposition Around Traffic

Timing is everything, especially during rush hour, and particularly when you’re scheduling a deposition. All it takes is a one-minute change in departure, and it can significantly impact your commute. Have you considered how traffic jams can affect your depositions,...

The 12 Days of Depos

By: Suzanne Quinson To ring in the holidays, the team here at Planet Depos came together to create an adaptation of The 12 Days of Christmas, entitled The 12 Days of Depos! Lyrics: On the first day of depos, my reporter gave to me a link to a mobile VC On the second...

Tokyo’s New Train

There is a common sight in Japan — so common that it becomes almost invisible.  That sight is trains.  They are everywhere and I use them on a daily basis.  I’ve grown to love the convenience and reliability of the Japanese public transportation...
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