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International depositions require seamless coordination, flawless organization, and good timing.  Advanced planning and attention to detail are essential to ensure a successful outcome.  When traveling internationally for depositions, it is imperative that you be prepared and organized so that you can keep the focus on your case.  To ensure you can do just that, we suggest the checklist outlined below to keep the travel part simple.

Check your passport!  Generally speaking, when traveling internationally, it is best to have at least 6 months’ validity on your passport past your planned return date.  Also, make sure you have at least two blank pages for any entry/exit stamps.  A good rule of thumb to avoid any processing delays is to check your passport’s expiration date as soon as you start discussing deposition dates with opposing counsel.

Check visa requirements!  If a visa is required, you may be able to obtain the visa upon arrival, but some countries do require that you obtain your visa at an embassy prior to your arrival.  The application process time varies as well.  The State Department’s website provides visa and additional useful information for travelers (including travel alerts and warnings).

Check the weather!  It may be sunny and 75° in the United States, but hot and unbearably humid in Seoul, for example.  Be prepared (and appropriately packed!) by checking the weather – Weather Online UK provides worldwide weather maps and forecasts.  You can also get general climate information online; World Travel Guide gives a good general view of climates all over the world.

Check local currency/exchange!  World Travel Guide is again a good resource to check for this information.  You will want to know if using your credit card is an option, where you can change money, access ATMs which will accept your credit card, etc.  You can obtain information on the current exchange rate at Oanda.  You should also notify your bank that you will be traveling and to expect to see transactions from that country so that they don’t block legitimate charges.

Reserve your flight/hotel accommodations!  If you are working with an experienced international court reporting firm like Planet Depos, you may decide to use their hotel recommendations.  At this stage, you just need to ensure you have all your materials to depose your witness, grab your passport, visa (if needed), packed suitcase, and go.  Bon voyage!

For additional information on international depositions, please contact Planet Depos at 888-433-3767, or via email at

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Suzanne Quinson is a Case Manager with Planet Depos. She lives in Frederick, MD, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus, spending much of her free time touring the area in his company.  She loves her hometown Philly, Penn State, P.G. Wodehouse, history, baking and eating, among other things.


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