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Most litigating attorneys are familiar with the process of conducting depositions in the United States. Coordinating depositions abroad, however, requires more planning, and will cost significantly more money.  Cutting expenses is a major concern when planning international depositions.  Here are three tried and true methods for saving your client money when taking depositions in Hong Kong.

Clouds over Hong Kong

Work with Hong Kong locals:

Find a court reporting firm with teams living in or near Hong Kong, to reduce or better yet eliminate travel costs altogether.  A firm with reporters, videographers and interpreters living throughout Asia can provide the expert coverage you expect without the travel fees you dread.  The local team can also give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.  This means you eat at the best places, you know how to get around this busy and beautiful city, and you avoid the outrageous dry cleaner’s, and the like.  Additionally, they can assist with the logistics of your upcoming depositions such as printing and shredding of documents.

Plan in advance when taking a deposition in Hong Kong:

When at all feasible, plan as far in advance as possible.  Flights and hotel reservations will increase in cost the closer to your deposition dates arrangements are finalized.  Interpreters stay extremely busy as well, and are often booked months in advance, so to ensure quality interpretation for your depositions it is best to reserve an interpreter as soon as dates are determined.  Also check cancellation policies, both of your court reporting firm and the hotels and airlines, to avoid fees whenever this is possible.  Prices skyrocket around certain holidays, and availability will be extremely limited.  Such holidays include Chinese New Year, Ching Ming Festival and Buddha’s Birthday.  Keep in mind, most witnesses will also refuse to be deposed on a holiday, as they will be busy partaking in the festivities!

Cut travel costs for your legal team:

Coordinate with your court reporting firm to depose your witness via videoconference.  The firm can reserve the Hong Kong location, as well as the U.S. location if needed.  Realtime can be streamed from Hong Kong to your office in Minneapolis or Denver.  As videoconference locations in Hong Kong can be expensive, another option to further cut costs to your client would be to take the deposition via mobile videoconference.  Your court reporting firm can provide cost comparisons so you can select the best option for your particular case.


If you have time:

Lastly, enjoy Hong Kong, if you have the good fortune to take your depositions in person!  This is a marvelous destination, with much to offer by way of dining, entertainment, and sight-seeing in any spare time you may have while there for your depositions.  Again, make the most of the local reporting team, asking them for suggestions.

For more information on depositions or other proceedings in Hong Kong, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767, email, or fill out our easy online scheduling form.

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