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So, what’s so great about realtime court reporting?  A beneficial tool for attorneys, realtime allows counsel to view the proceedings in realtime.  Realtime reporting is the instant conversion of the reporter’s stenotype (shorthand) into plain English. As quickly as the court reporter can enter stenotype strokes, the jargon is translated to English and transmitted to counsel and their litigation teams – and the parties need not even be present!  Realtime can be streamed to remote participants as well.

Realtime is really a neat feature.  Pretty much, poof! there it is!  The written record of the proceedings in realtime means that testimony can easily be noted for follow-up, and inconsistencies flagged immediately for clarification during the proceedings.  All of this can be done without disrupting the flow, such as when the reporter is asked to read back the record, etc.  Realtime keeps the deposition running on time!


For additional convenience, some realtime software includes a sly little instant messaging feature.  Did an answer to a question inspire a new strategy or line of questioning?  Immediately pose that strategy to your team, in complete confidentiality, via this messaging feature.  This discreet capability means fewer or shorter breaks, again keeping the deposition moving along at a good pace.  If you want to use this messaging feature and aren’t sure if the program you’re using offers it, check with the court reporting agency.

Behind the Realtime Screen

Quality realtime is an exceptional skill.  Reporters able to provide usable realtime have worked diligently on this craft, honing their ability to speedily process information, as well as mastering the technology involved.  Not only that, an expert realtime reporter has built a full “dictionary,” or steno-matching system, composed of common words, names and subject-matter terminology.   This diligence, focus, and technical know-how enable the reporter to deliver an instant, verbatim record at near-perfect accuracy.

The more terminology relevant to the case that is crammed into this powerful word log, the better!  This is one of the (many) reasons court reporting agencies ask for case-related materials in advance of the depositions.    The more technical the case, the greater the value of these “prep materials” and the more you should send!  Send copies of notices, any previous transcripts in the case, copies of patents, complaints and corresponding answers, etc.  It’s all about packing that dictionary chock-full of the terms that will provide the best realtime for your depositions.

Quality Realtime = Seamless Interpretation

Not only are these prep materials of immense benefit to the court reporter, but they also help to better prepare the interpreter, as the interpreter oftentimes is following along with the realtime to do their job.  With the record scrolling in front of them, the interpreter doesn’t need to ask counsel to repeat a question quite so often.  If there is a check interpreter present and they too are provided realtime access, it can reduce the number of re-interpretations.  This access results in still fewer interruptions to the deposition, a smoother overall proceeding, and a cleaner transcript.

As mentioned in the dictionary discussion above, prep materials are beneficial to the court reporter and to the interpreter.  Whether or not realtime is to be provided, any materials that will be useful to the interpreter in preparing for the depositions should be sent as early as possible.  The effects are enormous when an interpreter is adequately prepared for depositions, particularly depositions in highly technical matters.  Sadly, the reverse is also true – an under-prepared interpreter can dramatically affect the flow and speed of the deposition.  Make sure prep materials for your interpreter are plentiful and prompt!

Anyone Authorized can follow Realtime – Anywhere!  Almost.

Is your deposition taking place in New York, and you want your colleague in Vienna to follow along?  Are you in Taipei deposing a witness and want your paralegal back home in Denver to have realtime access?  No problem!  Realtime can be streamed to remote participants anywhere.  Given the possible time differences involved, the remote parties can even follow along with the realtime feed from the comfort of their homes, or while sitting in a café in picturesque Prague!

Planet Depos has been providing realtime court reporting for over 10 years.  With offices and reporting teams worldwide, Planet Depos is uniquely positioned to make realtime happen wherever you need it.  For more information on realtime reporting, or to schedule your deposition email us at or call 888.433.3767.


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