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At Planet Depos, we pride ourselves on making it happen for clients. In doing so, we’re giving our clients the tools they need to…well, make it happen. Remote depositions run smoothly with the appropriate services scheduled and working with qualified professionals to securely connect participants and ensure an accurate record. With a seamless deposition flow and prompt delivery of the final transcript, YOU can do your job efficiently.

These days, it seems we all have so much time. We are all staying in, all doing our best to stay productive, stay healthy, and stay sane. Well, we at PD want to make it happen for you personally, too. We’ve put together a virtual care package to help you take care of you! Here are some suggestions to help you get something good out of this extra time at home.

Enjoy the Arts!

I mentioned a while back that I loved having more time to read again. Why not dive into the literary arts, escaping our current situation by immersing yourself in the pages of a captivating book? Not sure what to read? There are lots of online book clubs that can help! History lovers, check out History Book Club. Purchase credits each month (or skip!) to redeem books on any period or topic in history you fancy or want to learn about! Andrew Luck Book Club selects books for rookies (children) and veterans (adults), making it a great source for those home with their little ones! Or, re-read a book you love. I am currently “laughing like a paper bag bursting” over Lord Emsworth and Others, a sensational collection of short stories by my beloved P.G. Wodehouse.

Not a bookworm? No problem! How about the visual arts? Paint Nite has gone virtual and classes are booking up fast! Mix up a pitcher of margaritas or uncork your favorite vintage and break out the brushes. They offer classes for kids, too, so stock up on juice boxes, as well. See for yourself why this is so popular! If you would rather look at art than attempt it yourself, consider a virtual tour of one (or a few!) of the world’s great art museums. Travel to Brazil, Greece, anywhere, in the comfort of your sweatpants on your living room sofa.

Stay in, Sure, but Don’t Stay Still!

Staying in is no excuse for going sedentary! Lift your spirits and break a sweat with a virtual dance party. Disco, hip hop, even ballroom – Eventbrite has a floor to suit your mood and style. Something else fun to do? (Don’t ask how I know.) Pull up some whacky ‘80s music videos. Think “Thriller,” or “Love is a Battlefield.” Try, just try, to dance along.

We’re not all dancers. We do all need to move, though! If dancing isn’t your thing, try yoga or kickboxing. Just MOVE. You have extra time, your app/play store has TONS of apps to help you get a little leaner, a little stronger, and a whole lot happier. Top free fitness apps include Fiton, Jefit, Freeletics, and Sworkit. Set a fitness goal and use this time to knock it out!

Something Silly

Set up a Zoom lip sync showdown with some friends. Brace yourself for the lifelong jokes that may come from this. We need to laugh. And we all have that song.

Learn Something New!

Always wanted to take a psychology course? Itching to speak another language? Want a new skill relevant to your career, or just want to get out of your comfort zone?  Edx offers a myriad of online classes, with something for everyone. Airbnb hosts are flocking online to host unique experiences. Learn to make yogurt or ricotta cheese, cook cuisine from Mexico to Bali, work out with Olympians, and more. You’ll have something cool to talk about at your next virtual cocktail party!

Old School Activities

Break out some board games, crack open a deck of cards, puzzle over a 1,000-piece picture of Beaver Stadium. Help the kids build a fort (but make them clean it up, ha-ha!), re-organize your kitchen, bathroom, heck, every room. Bake Grandma’s cookies! Perfect a cocktail. Try a new recipe!

Enjoy your downtime. Make some funny or heartwarming memories. You may even come out of this with a new skill, a new tradition or healthy habit, so get started!

Planet Depos knows how to do remote, and so much more! For more than ten years, Planet Depos has been thinking outside the box to make it happen for attorneys everywhere. To get all your questions about remote proceedings answered before logging in to your virtual lip sync battle, check out our remote page.

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Suzanne Quinson
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Suzanne Quinson is a Case Manager with Planet Depos. She lives in Frederick, MD, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus, spending much of her free time touring the area in his company.  She loves her hometown Philly, Penn State, P.G. Wodehouse, history, baking and eating, among other things.


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