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Remote Depositions

Traveling for depositions can be tricky. Luckily, it is not necessary to do so. Remote depositions are available anywhere, anytime, and at any distance.

Mobile Videoconference

Technology is amazing, so take advantage.  Mobile videoconferencing will be the more convenient and cost-effective option most of the time.  Your remote witness can connect via laptop or mobile device, so long as they have access to reliable internet.  Our tech will run a test prior to the deposition to make sure your equipment is compatible with our videoconference software.  It takes just 30 seconds to install the platform the first time you use it.  The test prior to the deposition is a must.  Technology is a beautiful thing, when it works, so make sure it works well before the proceeding starts.

You will receive a link via email from our tech prior to the depositon. Just click, and you’re in!  You can connect 100 people if you want.  You shouldn’t need to for a depo, but you get the idea.  This is serious technology.  You can play video with audio, share screens and pull up exhibits, just like a normal depo.  Our tech monitors the connection the whole way through to guarantee a smooth, continuous link between the parties.

Remote depositions can be taken anywhere

What To Expect

Advances in technology in the court reporting industry can empower a more efficient and streamlined litigation process. When you partner with Planet Depos for your remote deposition, you can expect the very best.


Quick Connection

Prior to the remote deposition, all attendees will receive an email containing a link that will allow them to connect in seconds.


Share Exhibits or Desktop

While in a remote deposition, you have the ability to pull up exhibits on your device and share with all parties. You may then point out, highlight, or annotate important parts.


Unified Services

The remote deposition software provides a unified remote conferencing service that replaces the need for multiple platforms for voice, chat, and video.


Multiple Connections

Up to 100 participants can connect via computers, iPads, videoconference units, and smartphones.

Taking a videoconference deposition

Traditional Videoconference

Take the classical approach.  It is the way to go should your remote witness not have the ability to connect to the deposition, or if the witness has a heavy accent or talks very fast.  The quality of audio and picture is excellent; it’s the next best thing to being there in person.  There is some travel involved to the videoconference suite, but nothing like a flight abroad.


Take the deposition by phone.  This option is best suited for short depositions which are non-interpreted.  The option will appeal to the cost-conscious client.  We provide the dial-in for the connecting parties and reserve a location for the remote witness and reporter.  Do run a test call before the deposition, just to verify the quality of the audio.  The reporter must be with the witness for a deposition conducted via telephone.  If no reporter is available who can be with the witness, videoconference is the option for you, be it mobile or traditional.

Where’s the Court Reporter?

Remote Depositions – A Court Reporter With The Witness

Ideally, especially for an interpreted deposition, the reporter should be in the presence of the witness and interpreter.  It makes for a quicker deposition, with fewer interruptions to clarify the record, and ultimately a cleaner final transcript.  Our teams of reporters around the globe are in place to make it happen.

Remote Depositions – A Court Reporter NOT With The Witness

While we always recommend that the reporter be present with the witness to ensure accuracy, situations arise where the ideal arrangement is not possible.  Fortunately, it is possible to take the deposition without the reporter being physically present with the remote witness.  Each party needs stable, high-speed internet – the highest quality audio possible will make all the difference.

Just Remember…

The devil is in the details. So, when you’re planning a remote deposition, it’s important to remember a few items to ensure a simple and easy videoconference.


The Oath

If the reporter is not with the witness, a stipulation on the record may be required regarding the reporter’s ability to swear in the witness.

Also, some states have specific requirements about the administration of the oath when not present with the witness.


What Time Is It?

It sounds like a silly question. But if you will be clicking or dialing in from your sky-high L.A. office, and your witness is in Pittsburgh or New Delhi, double check the time zones and start times.

You may need to start very early or be prepared to stay up very, very late.

Testing, Testing

Do NOT forget the test call. You need to check the stability of the connection. 

Poor audio quality should never happen in our technologically advanced times, so set up the test call to work out any possible kinks and guarantee a smooth connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers. Our Litigation Technology Technicians have run thousands of remote depositions through teleconference, mobile, and traditional videoconference platforms, and they’ve seen it all. Here are a few of the most common questions that we receive. 

Is there a cost for a mobile videoconference with PD?

No. Mobile videoconferences are free through Planet Depos, we only charge when you request a Technician to oversee the videoconference. If you hire a technician, they will run all your virtual exhibits and provide you with a free copy of the deposition video.

Do we need to use a videoconference?

No. Unless you specifically prefer video (to show exhibits or to see the witness), we first suggest you do your deposition through our teleconference lines. Depositions by telephone are quick to set up and can accommodate last minute scheduling.

If we use a videoconference, can we connect via phone?

Yes. In fact, we recommend connecting via a phone to ensure the clearest audio. You may enter the Zoom videoconference and select to connect by phone.

Do we need to download anything?

No. To use Zoom you will receive a link that can open in a browser. You may download the Zoom client, if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Can we mark exhibits?

Yes. You may either pre-mark your exhibits and send them to us (or display them yourself), or you may request our Technician mark exhibits during the deposition.

Who controls scrolling through exhibits?

This is entirely dependent on your choice. You can choose to scroll through to maintain control, or we can give the witness control.

Who controls the videoconference itself?

Should you elect to have a PD Technician — we will control all aspects of the videoconference. This means we can control who can be seen and heard (ensuring additional viewers are muted during the proceeding), and when the videoconference is ended for all.

Is your remote deposition software secure?

Yes. We utilize Zoom, a standard videoconference platform across multiple industries. They are are end-to-end encrypted, and are FedRAMP (Moderate) and SOC2 rated. You can learn more about Zoom Security on their website.

How can I be sure the witness isn’t reading notes? Or that nobody is in the room coaching the witness?

The best method we’ve used is to have the witness push the laptop away so you are able to see the table in front of them. You may also ask them to pan the camera around the room before the start. Additionally, you may ask them on the record if anyone else joins them in the room and if they have any notes.

Crucial Considerations:
Videoconference Deposition

Videoconference depositions are a great way to keep your deposition on track no matter what life throws your way. While technology adapts to most situations, it’s important to keep a few key items in mind when you’re planning for your remote deposition.

In this video we cover a few of the basics, such as how the oath will be stipulated, where the court reporter is located, to always remember date and time, and making a test call.


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