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It’s that time of year again.  With 2018 just in the offing, it’s time for Planet Depos to take law firms on a journey around the world via its International Deposition Guide.  The guide, now in its third edition, is the definitive source of information for depositions anywhere in the world.  Keeping abreast of the dos and don’ts of international depositions is simple when you have your up-to-date copy of the IDG.

The most striking change is the updated design of the IDG.  The new graphics in this edition are stunning.  You may need a moment or two to leaf through the Guide, just admiring the creative illustrations throughout and marveling over how original and, frankly, just downright cool they are.  These images will make you want to grab your passport and head abroad to experience all the regions they portray.  But this edition is not all gloss!  Those thoughtful illustrations are wrapped around the information you need for your depositions in Germany, e.g., updates to the deadlines and requirements for the Consulate, or Japan (yep, still need that depo visa), or anywhere else your case takes you.

2018 International Deposition Guide Cover

The latest edition still contains a linkable Table of Contents so you can quickly get right to the information you need without being distracted by the eye-catching graphics.  Following the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” philosophy, the sensible layout of the guide remains the same.  Handy, quick reference deposition charts, grouped by geographical section, let you know whether or not depositions can even be taken in each country.  These charts also include helpful information such as visa requirements.  Special considerations do exist for certain countries and are outlined in detail where applicable.  Also included are streamlined processes and timelines to make scheduling depositions headache and worry free!

Travel tips, case studies pulled from years of experience, exhibit solutions, and videoconferencing options are among the practical considerations packed into this resource for attorneys and their paralegals.  The practical checklists from previous editions remain, and a new feature has been added – a list of websites helpful to those planning depositions abroad.  You will find hyperlinks to these sites throughout the guide as well.  A comprehensive portfolio of services rounds out the updated Guide.

So climb into the PD biplane and enjoy your trip around the world, courtesy of the Planet Depos 2018 International Deposition Guide!


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Suzanne Quinson is a Case Manager with Planet Depos. She lives in Frederick, MD, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus, spending much of her free time touring the area in his company.  She loves her hometown Philly, Penn State, P.G. Wodehouse, history, baking and eating, among other things.


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