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Travel can be hectic, even horrific, at times.  Flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage, etc., can frazzle even the most seasoned globetrotter.  There are steps you can take to lessen the impact of these possible catastrophes, however.  Below are some practical recommendations to make traveling to your international deposition less worrisome.

Allow an extra day for travel

You will need at least one day after your arrival to adjust to the time change.  Consider allotting an extra day to cover any flight delays or even cancellations which may disrupt your travel – the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported over 960,000 delayed flights and over 80,000 canceled flights for 2015.  Remember that if you are flying to the Asia region, it will be 8 to 14 hours ahead.  Be sure to calculate your departure date accordingly.

Carry-on Essentials

It is unreasonable to expect you can pack appropriately for international travel in just a carry-on, but you can make sure your carry-on has your essentials and valuables (copies of your passport and other travel-related documents, etc.).  This way, if your baggage is delayed or lost, you at least have your irreplaceable items, and you should be able to manage until your luggage catches up to you.

Customs issues:

These are avoidable.  Check all visa requirements and make sure you are prepared with any necessary visas, required vaccinations, proof of return or onward travel, etc.  Requirements can be found on the website of the State Department.  Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date.  To bypass interminable lines in Customs, create a Global Online Enrollment System and apply for Global Entry.


Check things like weather, currency conversion rates, voltage, and safety precautions before your travel.  Activate your phone’s global capabilities.  Register with your Embassy in case you need their assistance while abroad.  Enroll in the Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) with the State Department to receive important safety and security announcements.  Notify your family of your travel plans and provide them a copy of your itinerary and travel-related documents.  Notify your bank and credit card companies of your travel plans, as well, to avoid any declined charges during your travel.


Of course, things can go wrong even with the most meticulous planning.  But if you have prepared, the only thing left to do is let go, hope all goes smoothly (it likely will), and enjoy your flight.  Bring your favorite author for some quiet reading or enjoy a movie (or 2 or 3, depending on where you’re headed!), take a nap or chat with your fellow travelers.

Once you’ve arrived for your international depositions, acquaint yourself with your reporter and videographer.  They may have some travel tips for you, too!  Let them make the business aspect of your trip easy, as they provide you with realtime to allow you instant access to the witness’ testimony, and a high definition recording of the deposition, which can be used in trial in case the witness cannot be compelled to testify in the U.S.  With consummate professionals, your depositions will go smoothly so you can head back home on schedule!

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