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Quality Realtime Translation

Realtime technology allows lawyers and their teams to view the testimony as it’s being spoken.  Quality realtime translation is performed by court reporters who can deliver an instant verbatim record of the proceeding at an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy.  Expert realtime court reporters achieve this unique skill through years of honing their ability to process information quickly, building a comprehensive software “dictionary” of common words, names, and industry-related terms, as well as mastering the technical components necessary to display this exceptional skillset.

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With its vast experience in the profession of court reporting and staying at the forefront of technology, we recognize the importance of high-quality realtime services in today’s legal environment.  That’s why we specifically recruit court reporters who hold relevant realtime certifications from the National Court Reporters Association — the Certified Realtime Reporter and the Realtime Systems Administrator.

It’s the quality realtime translation that is the foundation of gaining the competitive edge in the deposition room:

  • Instant rough drafts of the day’s testimony
  • Immediate access to testimony through your laptop or one of ours
  • Mark and annotate testimony for follow-up
  • Streaming to offsite associates, paralegals, clients, and other approved participants
  • Reduced travel costs

Whether it’s cabled or wireless realtime, onsite or remote realtime streaming to a laptop, iPad, or smartphone, Planet Depos court reporters arrive at your proceedings prepared to deliver the highest quality and technologically innovative court reporting solutions available today.


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