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Waterfall in HondurasWhen taking depositions abroad, most people’s minds are drawn to the glittering metropolises of London, Hong Kong, or Seoul. With skyscrapers, elegant hotels, and sprawling airports, scheduling depositions in these cities is nearly as easy as taking them in your hometown. Sometimes, however, depositions in more remote areas cannot be avoided. Special care should be taken when arranging depositions in less common cities and countries, and this article will address the unique concerns of taking depositions in Honduras, offering practical advice and insider tips.

As is the case with all international depositions, planning as far ahead in advance is a crucial first step to ensure that things run smoothly on the deposition day. Last-minute depositions are easy to schedule in cities that are abundant with reporters, videographers, interpreters, and deposition locations – not so much in Honduras! The travel required for deposition teams to Honduras, coupled with a scarcity of reliable, effective deposition conference spaces means that time is the most effective resource when arranging a deposition in Honduras.

Deciding on a city in Honduras to take your deposition is also an important early step. While some countries have the facilities needed to take depositions in their smaller cities and towns, Honduras simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to take a deposition in any locale. We recommend taking depositions in the two major cities: Tegucigalpa (the capital) or San Pedro Sula. These cities are nearest to international airports, have large chain hotels, and offer deposition locations with stable internet connections.  These qualities are crucial for traveling attorneys, reporters, or for anyone appearing through videoconferencing.

Taking depositions in large cities is critical for another reason: security. Honduras has far more criminal activity than most countries. San Pedro Sula was formerly the murder capital of the world! As such, special precautions should be taken while in Honduras. Plan to only be out during the morning and day – walking around at night is a risky idea. Keep this consideration in mind when scheduling depositions.  You should also avoid wearing and displaying flashy clothes, jewelry, accessories, or electronics while in public. Your designer sunglasses may be appropriate for the balmy climate, but somebody else may have their eyes on them! Finally, make sure to take officially marked taxis when long-distance transportation is required. Plan ahead with a car service or with your hotel to ensure that your transportation is scheduled in advance, and safe!


While depositions of U.S. citizens in Honduras can be taken without issue, depositions of other nationals may only be taken pursuant to a letters rogatory requesting judicial assistance from the Honduran courts. Fortunately, we’ve written a handy guide on this subject! The deposition itself may be taken at a hotel, conference space, or even at the U.S. Embassy. Honduras is more remote and poses some unique challenges, but with a little preparation and flexibility the Central American country is a perfectly viable deposition location.

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By: Michael Anania


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