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All the details that go into international depositions make for a lengthy list.  The length alone can be intimidating to some, while a detail or two may prove daunting to others.  Travel requirements are a perfect example, as they can be tedious, complicated, and expensive, which can be tedious to explain to a particularly cost-conscious client!

Videoconference can be the best solution in particular circumstances.  Remotely attending your deposition in Oslo, for example, can save your client some serious money.   This option eliminates thousands of dollars in costs, removing airfare, hotel, and all of the other incidentals that come with international travel.  Attorneys are spared the wear and tear of international travel, the rigmarole of customs, and jet lag!  The paralegal is freed from the additional stress of booking flights and securing necessary visas, hotel and car reservations, etc.

Videoconference is not suitable for all instances, of course.  However, it may be appropriate if:

  1. The deposition will run short – ideally under four hours;
  2. The witness speaks English and does not require an interpreter*;
  3. There are no, or few, exhibits;
  4. There are no concerns regarding witness coaching;
  5. All participants have high-speed internet available.

*If the witness needs an interpreter, videoconference is still an option; more on this below.

A global court reporting firm can handle all the logistical details on your behalf, to ensure:

  1. A videoconference suite is reserved abroad;
  2. Videoconference suite(s) are reserved in the States, if needed;
  3. A test call is conducted prior to the deposition to verify the stability of the connection;
  4. The court reporting team is where they need to be.

For interpreted depositions, it is recommended that the court reporter, interpreter, and videographer are physically present with the witness.  This results in:

  1. A more accurate interpretation;
  2. A more accurate realtime record, rough draft, and final transcript;
  3. Much higher quality audio and video;
  4. Fewer interruptions, disruptions, and delays in the deposition proceedings.

Videoconference is not always an option, depending on the hosting city and other factors.  Mobile videoconference may be the solution in those instances.  Mobile videoconference is a less expensive option than traditional videoconference, and all that is needed is:

  1. All participants have high-speed internet available with a stable connection;
  2. A laptop (or iPad or other device) for each location/participant;
  3. A test call prior to the deposition, to verify the stability of the connection
  4. Someone who is computer savvy to monitor the connection in each location.*

*The videographer can double as a technician to monitor the connection and troubleshoot any issues, another reason to keep the reporting team with the witness whenever possible.

Just as with any other international deposition, it is best to work with a global reporting agency for a videoconference deposition abroad.  They are likely to have reporters and videographers living in the area, providing further reductions to travel costs associated with the deposition.  Additionally, they have the experience in these types of depositions, which will ensure a smoother experience for all involved.  They can also help you determine if videoconference (or mobile videoconference) is the best way to go for your international deposition.

Planet Depos has been covering depositions worldwide for over a decade.  With offices and reporting professionals positioned throughout the world, Planet Depos is committed to making it happen for attorneys taking depositions wherever their case takes them.  For more information on international depositions, or to schedule, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767 or via email at

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