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Planet Viewer

The Planet Viewer is your FINAL deliverable where the transcript is synchronized with video. It is a value-added service we provide at no charge when you book a videographer with us!

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Planet Viewer

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Planet Viewer

When you request a synchronized transcript and video, we synchronize your transcript word for word with the video, put the entire day’s proceedings on one DVD and deliver it via the Planet Viewer, a stand-alone player. Simply insert the DVD into your desktop or laptop computer and the transcript and video appear side by side. With the Planet Viewer you can review testimony, locate key words or phrases, and create and export video clips that contain both the video and the relevant text, simply by highlighting and clicking.

Once clips are created, you can export them in several different formats including MPEG-2 (for courtroom playback), MPEG-1 (to turn the text on or off), WMV (email clips to your expert, client or co-counsel), or into Sanction, Summation or PowerPoint. If you are creating video clips of designations to play in court, the clips can be quickly and easily merged, eliminating costly editing services.

The Planet Viewer also allows you to play the video and/or clips full screen – with or without text – so you can play back the video for the jury uninterrupted.

In addition to the included stand-alone player, Planet Depos provides synchronized video files (with linked exhibits) to support:

  • TextMap (CaseMap) – .xmef
  • TrialDirector – .cms
  • LiveNote – .lef
  • Case Notebook – .ptz
  • Sanction – .mdb
  • Summation – .sbf

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Online Video Repository: Anywhere, Anytime

All your transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits, and documents are stored in a secure online, always-available repository, accessible with your browser and an Internet connection. There are no software licenses to purchase or manage.

Powerful Search Tools

Search a terabyte of documents, exhibits, transcripts, and video depositions with powerful text search tools.  Advanced search options include fuzzy searches (for spelling and OCR errors), Boolean, synonym, homonym, numeric range, stemming, proximity, database fields, and variable-term weighting for hit relevancy. You can search by Bates numbers, redaction attributes, or your own metadata criteria.

Online Data Security

Your documents are uploaded, downloaded and viewed using secure, 128-bit encrypted web communications and hosted in our secure facility.


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Planet Depos

Planet Depos

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