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By Suzanne Quinson and Julia Alicandri

At Planet Depos, our employees constantly strive to improve themselves and our company. To better the PD experience, we recently left tablets throughout our offices to get quick and reliable feedback directly from you, our clients. In a previous blog, we analyzed the amenities that clients enjoyed in our Greenbelt, Maryland office.

This post will look at the Rockville, Maryland suite! The most popular responses were:

  1. Professional and courteous service
  2. The host/hostess
  3. The free conference room

Professional and Courteous Service

Though something that should be expected from any business vendor, it is becoming a rarity everywhere you go.  We have all dealt with a surly individual who seemed more interested in their fingernails, phone, or anything but being helpful and friendly!  Top-tier customer service makes tasks like scheduling depositions simple and quick, communicating your needs a painless process, and ensures delivery of the final transcript and media files promptly.  Equally important, superior service makes the whole process not just manageable, but enjoyable!

Your Host

Your host will always be the consummate professional. With a smiling face and helpful attitude, they’ll get things going on the right foot at the moment you arrive. The host can assist with technical troubleshooting – whether you’re having an issue with your mobile videoconference or you need a phone charger. They also make sure that snacks are replenished regularly – very important to keep moods genial and energy up!

Modern Conference Rooms

Again, the complimentary conference room is definitely a plus. The free conference room is often atop the list of amenities you find makes an awesome deposition suite as it’s a great way to save the client an additional expense. The capabilities, such as videoconferencing and a modern, comfortable feel, should help to further enhance the value.

That’s a snapshot of what makes an awesome deposition suite for you in our Rockville, MD office. In the next part of this series, we’ll be looking at the responses from our Washington, DC office. And check out a virtual tour of our Rockville office below!

For more information, or to schedule with Planet Depos, call 888.433.3767 or email us at


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