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By Suzanne Quinson and Julia Alicandri

At Planet Depos, our employees constantly strive to improve themselves and our company. To better the PD experience for our clients, we recently inserted tablets throughout our offices to get quick and reliable feedback directly from clients. The requested feedback includes topics such as the professionalism and friendliness of our employees, the ease of use of videoconferencing, the comfort of our modern conference rooms and, of course, the never-ending supply of snacks!

So, what did our clients list as the most important amenities to making an awesome deposition suite? In our Greenbelt, Maryland office, the most popular responses were:

  1. The free conference room
  2. Professional and courteous service
  3. The snacks

Modern Conference Rooms

A complimentary conference room is already a plus, as it saves the client an additional expense. The capabilities and amenities of the conference room should further elevate its value. Videoconferencing capabilities, for example, are an asset, as remote parties can attend the deposition without incurring any additional travel expenses. It is possible the reporter can stream realtime to remote parties, as well. Check with your agency’s scheduling department about this option. Another option, which is a bit lighter on the budget, is the use of mobile videoconferencing, and the videographer can double as a technician to monitor the connection.

Professional and Courteous Service

A professional and courteous host (and/or videographer) is an essential advantage during your depositions. He or she should be available to help with any troubleshooting, copy or printing needs, and even ordering lunch for your group. Your host should ensure that everything is handled quickly and conveniently for you, so all you need to focus on is your case.

The Snacks

What is a deposition without snacks? With depositions potentially consuming a significant portion of your day, it is important to know that you and your clients won’t go hungry. Your agency should ensure that a sufficient a supply of snacks is available.

There you have it, the top three most important items that make our Greenbelt, Maryland office awesome, according to you, our clients. And be on the lookout for additional parts of this series where we examine the most important amenities at our other locations!

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