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Remote Depos Guide

Any Time, Any Distance – We have the step-by-step guide to make your remote depositions happen. Remote depositions keep your case moving forward, and have never been more streamlined than now. Learn how to give your remote depositions the in-person feel with proper set-up and tips to optimize the experience. When you partner with Planet Depos for your remote deposition, you can confidently expect the best.

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Steps to Prep

Confirm all parties/participants agree to take the deposition by remote means

Prepare the Notice. Make sure to include language to allow for a remote deposition. See sample language

Confirm agreement between all Counsel regarding administration of the oath, if necessary (state laws may vary)


Schedule a court reporter and technician

  • Recording of the proceeding is available through the videoconferencing software. This recording does not include timestamps and does include off-the-record discussions
  • If video is needed for trial purposes, schedule a videographer. This recording will include date and timestamps, as well as announcement of times on and off the record. Synchronized transcript and video is also available. Off-the-record discussions will not be included in this video which can be synched to the transcript
  • Provide scheduling with names and email addresses for all participants

Consider realtime. If realtime is needed, be sure to request a realtime court reporter

  • View realtime on the screen during the remote deposition
  • Highlight text and make notes at any time during the remote deposition

Plan for exhibits, if being used

  • Exhibits can be organized and presented by the attorney, or, if desired, a technician can be hired to do the same. We request that they be emailed to at least 24 hours prior to the remote deposition
  • Last-minute exhibits can be sent to the technician in the remote deposition using the Zoom chat box
  • Exhibits can be pre-marked or the technician can mark them during the deposition, just as the reporter does for in-person depositions
  • The technician or the witness can highlight text and make annotations to the exhibits at your request
  • The technician can give control of the shared exhibits to participants, enabling participants to review documents at their own pace


Test internet speed, connection strength, headsets, microphones, webcams, and volume. All affect audio and video quality for the remote deposition

All participants are urged to run a test call with the technician to check the connection – this includes all counsel and the witness

Q&A with your technician – this is the perfect opportunity to discuss features of Zoom such as:

  • Security
  • Chat feature
  • Breakout rooms

Test your proposed “deposition room”

  • Eliminate distracting background noise – set up in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted
  • Eliminate distracting visuals – wear solid colors to keep the focus on the record
  • Ensure visibility – do not sit in front of a window or light, as it will interfere with a clear visual
  • Position webcam so that you are visible mid-torso up

Tips to improve the remote deposition experience

  • Hard-wired internet connection is optimal
  • Connecting audio by phone (rather than from your computer) provides best quality audio
  • Speak slowly, articulately, and only in turn
  • Position webcam so that you are visible mid-torso up


Unique meeting link and password is sent ONLY to provided email addresses

Each meeting is encrypted and password protected

Technician sets up waiting room and breakout rooms – only the technician can move approved participants from room to room

Your Remote Deposition

Sign in about 10-15 minutes early for testing

Set up your view

  • If there are concerns about witness coaching, you can ask the witness to swivel their camera around the room to confirm no one is in the room with them. The technician can also disable the chat feature if there are concerns about coaching through that medium
  • The technician/host will usually pin the witness to the screen (screenshot) with counsel and the reporter along the top
  • If the technician/host does not pin the witness, you can set up a different view, for example, gallery view
  • When exhibits are shared, if the witness has been pinned, the witness will appear in picture-in-picture format, to better display the exhibit

Block pop-ups, silence your phone, etc., to eliminate distractions and interruptions to the remote deposition

Any participant who will not be speaking regularly should mute his/her microphone

Technician can set chat to public, private, or disable entirely

Order deliverables on the record


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