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By Zack Arnson-Serotta

Lawyers and their support staff are usually familiar with basic trial technology. However, they don’t always consider the possibilities offered by using these technologies earlier — in the deposition setting. With some advance preparation, it is possible to present documents, pictures, videos and other evidence to impeach a witness and capture his or her reactions. These recordings can be an extremely valuable tool during trial or settlement negotiations.

A lawyer recently called with a special request for his video deposition. He wanted to record video of the witness with certain exhibits on screen at the same time using picture-in-picture technology. Of course, we offered our Interactive Media Display Package and explained how it works. In this instance, the attorney wanted to show excerpts from a set of hundreds of documents and videos, do highlights and call-outs, and play videos. For this, we recommended sending a videographer who was also a certified hot seat trial technician and could use TrialDirector to present these materials on multiple screens throughout the conference room.

I flew out to the job site and, using the Interactive Media Display Package and TrialDirector, was able to Make It Happen for our client, who commended me and the Planet Depos team behind me for our diligent work. At the end, the client received a high-quality synchronized video deliverable with picture-in-picture, and opposing counsel even expressed interest in using the same technologies at another time. Given adequate preparation time, such video depositions are extremely effective tools for combining evidence and deposition testimony in a compelling package that highlights a witness’ live reactions.

A subsequent deposition in the same case not only used these same technologies, but video and realtime streaming were added as well. No sweat for the Planet Depos team!

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