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Remote Depositions FAQ Part 2: Zoom

A lot of people are now using Zoom for the first time for their remote deposition. At Planet Depos, Zoom has been the platform of choice for mobile videoconference (MVC) for years. Understandably, law firms unfamiliar with the software have valid questions about the security features available. We at Planet Depos are fully confident in Zoom’s security, and we want to address your questions and concerns. Read on to see why Planet Depos prefers Zoom and why you can be assured of the efficacy of Zoom’s security measures.

Why does Planet Depos prefer Zoom?

Planet Depos selected Zoom deliberately, and for a few reasons. Our technicians found Zoom to provide superior quality audio and video, which is essential for any mobile videoconference. This means fewer interruptions to the deposition, a cleaner final transcript from the reporter, and a better experience overall. Zoom has recording capabilities to capture video of the deposition.

Additionally, Zoom has an easy-to-use interface (as millions of new users can attest!), which again improves the overall experience for everyone attending the remote deposition. Zoom has also proven to be reliable and the platform which performs best in MVC.

Security is as important as the features you mention. How secure is Zoom?

The enterprise version of Zoom is as secure as videoconferencing software gets. Planet Depos has the enterprise license to Zoom. The enterprise version includes enhanced security features, a sampling of which includes:

  • Each meeting is encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithms
  • Each meeting has a unique password and meeting ID
  • Each meeting has its own unique link created to invite attendees to the meeting

Planet Depos enables all the security measures available in the enterprise version of Zoom. Additionally, like many other apps/software, Zoom is updated routinely (version 5.0 is rolling out now with a focus on security). Planet Depos vigilantly downloads the latest version with each update.

It is worth mentioning that many of the security issues reported recently about Zoom are often user error – such things as reusing meeting links, publicly posting meetings, not using passwords, and not enabling waiting rooms. With a PD Technician handling your Zoom meeting, none of these issues will arise as our technicians are trained on all aspects of Zoom security and best practices.

Is Zoom HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Zoom is HIPAA compliant when compliance is activated on your account. Zoom doesn’t access protected health information (PHI) even in supporting healthcare customers’ accounts. Mandatory settings are applied to such accounts to effectively eliminate their ability to send PHI to Zoom. Further, ALL audio, video and screen sharing data is protected and encrypted by Zoom. For detailed point-by-point information on their HIPAA compliance, check out Zoom’s guide on their HIPAA compliant accounts. Highlights include:

  • All meeting data is protected with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
  • All meetings are password protected
  • Meetings are not listed publicly
  • Meeting host can lock meetings

Meeting host can disconnect attendees and easily terminate sessions in progress

What other measures are taken to increase security of the PD MVC?

Planet Depos is working diligently to enhance security to our clients by providing not only the above protection features included with enterprise Zoom, but also offering a remote tech to host each meeting. The services of the tech offer an additional layer of security, including:

  • Controlling who has access to the meeting
  • Monitoring who is participating in each meeting
  • Creating and monitoring private breakout rooms
  • Presenting exhibits on our clients’ behalf

The Planet Depos dedicated technician, as a neutral party, ensures only approved participants attend the PD MVC. The tech can create virtual breakout rooms and assign parties to them, with the tech retaining direct control over who has access to any room. The Planet Depos technician is, of course, the consummate professional, providing the white glove service Planet Depos clients know to expect. Their expertise makes for a smooth MVC from a technical standpoint and a pleasant experience with a competent, professional, and friendly host at the helm.

Additionally, Planet Depos does not record to the Zoom cloud repository. All video recordings are stored locally, then uploaded to our secure repository and encrypted. There have been reports of hackers stealing videos from Zoom’s cloud repository. Those videos were named automatically with Zoom’s filing system, which allowed for hackers to predict the names of the files, making them easier to steal. The PD MVC avoids this issue entirely by simply not recording to Zoom’s cloud.

What if I still just don’t want to use Zoom?

If you are not comfortable using Zoom, Planet Depos will set up the mobile videoconference with the software of your choice. This is your deposition! We recommend Zoom for all the reasons outlined here, but we are happy to work with the platform you choose for your remote deposition.

Remote depositions are nothing new here at Planet Depos. With years of experience covering remote depositions all over the world, we are pleased to share this expertise with clients and help keep your caseload on track. To find out more about Zoom, remote depositions, or to schedule, visit our page on remote depositions.

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