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By Suzanne Quinson

Litigation is expensive, and few clients are of the “money is no object” mentality, so finding ways to save them money is imperative.  Below are suggestions for reducing court reporting costs.

  1. Go paperless! Hardbound transcripts incur additional expenses. Go green and save your client’s green with electronic delivery.
  2. Need to schedule international depositions? Discounted pricing may be available when you book multiple days of depositions.
  3. Another possibility to reduce costs for international depositions: schedule with an agency that has reporters and videographers on the ground in multiple continents, reducing or even eliminating travel fees.
  4. Consider a videoconference, or even a mobile videoconference! If you don’t need to attend in person, this can be an enormous money-saver, so give it some thought.
  5. Confidential subject material? Designate confidential portions at the deposition to receive both full and redacted files at no additional cost!
  6. Need a conference room? It’s possible the agency will have a complimentary conference room you can use for the deposition, so don’t forget to ask!

Contact your court reporting agency for more money- and time-saving tips. They can appreciate the value of time and money to you and your clients and can provide more information on cost-effective solutions.

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