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There is a lot of talk right now about the Green New Deal.  I’m not going to weigh in on politics here (you’re welcome!), but here’s a green deal I’m not tired of mentioning: Planet Depos Online Repository.  This is a deal that works for everyone.  And keep in mind, this is coming from a self-proclaimed old fuddy-duddy who likes hardbound books, paper, and can’t handle technology.  But the benefits of the repository are too big to ignore!

Paper files are steadily becoming obsolete.   Storing files electronically is also more cost-effective, efficient and tidy, as files stay in pristine condition, take up less space and are easier to locate when needed.  For legal professionals ordering transcripts and videos, electronic delivery is a no-brainer, and fewer and fewer firms request hardbound copies of transcripts and video CDs or DVDs.  Most laptops don’t even contain a CD/DVD drive anymore, after all.  The repository is an easy way to access all the files.  Access to the fully secure repository is complimentary with the purchase of transcripts in the case.  All transcript and exhibit files will be accessible for download from the repository for a period of 3 years from the date they are uploaded, and video files for a period of 1 year.

When those transcript files show up in your inbox, simply follow the link to your complimentary repository login screen.  Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the “Transcripts” tab, where you can enter search criteria on the left.  A “less is more” approach is best when entering search criteria.  For example, just the witness’ last name, or one unique word/name from the case name should bring up the files you are seeking.   If you have a standing order, all your preferred files will be available for your perusal.  Available load file formats include LiveNote (LEF), TrialDirector (CMS), TextMap (XMEF), Case Notebook (PTZ) and more.  First-time users can contact Planet Depos for login instructions and case-specific standing order forms.  Hardbound transcripts are still available upon request, along with CDs and DVDs.  The repository simply provides a speedy, secure means of accessing the files you need for your case.

Benefits of a Digital Repository

The repository is a fantastic organizational tool as well, not only storing files, but providing a calendar of your scheduled depositions.  Paralegals can use the repository to keep tabs on what has been scheduled, canceled, as well as communicate and track time and/or location changes.  You can quickly log on, view the case schedule, submit any changes in an instant, or request confirmation once the schedule is finalized.  For paralegals always juggling so many important details, this is a terrific time-saving resource!

Planet Depos provides best-in-class court reporting and litigation technology throughout the United States as well as abroad, with reporters, videographers, and interpreters living across the globe.  The company is conversant with the latest technologies and works closely with clients implementing case-winning tools.  Equally important is their dedication to superlative service, keeping the process from scheduling to production pleasant, and surpassing clients’ expectations.  For added ease, you can schedule depositions domestically or even internationally online as well.

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Suzanne Quinson
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Suzanne Quinson is the Content Marketing Strategist with Planet Depos and former Production Case Manager. She lives in Beaufort, SC, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus. Her free time is mostly spent beaching, reading, baking, gardening and sprucing up Banjolele Cottage, and touring the Low Country and beyond with the ever-faithful pup.


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