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Most court reporters had some experience with remote depositions pre-COVID. Shifting to fully remote depositions in these strange times has proven a challenge to many who are now experiencing remote depositions, but not so the modern court reporter! As discussed on the latest episode of Planet Depos’ podcast The Modern Court Reporter, PD reporters and technicians have taken the situation in stride, from remote setup and exhibits, to which shows make the best binge-watching!

Both guests of the episode, court reporter Kristina Tan and PD technician and trainer Anthony Vorndran, are models of a “roll with the punches philosophy,” a philosophy which serves those in their respective fields very well, especially now! Both leapt into their current respective field kind of out of the blue and did it with gusto. For each of them, the new career involved moving to the East Coast a few years ago, and neither has stopped leaping and learning since. Their love of and expertise in technology grows with their careers, and they provide sage advice for those less familiar with remote proceedings and technology. Among these valuable tips? Test your equipment, get familiar with Zoom (or applicable software for your remote proceeding), and show up early. Webinars and demos are available as well and are recommended for all.

These two pros working from home also have some suggestions on things to do while staying safer at home. If you want to laugh, watch the best show ever about nothing – who doesn’t love Seinfeld? If you want to eat healthy and soak up some vitamin D, try planting your own veggies!  Maybe toss some of your fresh homegrown veggies into a new recipe.

Planet Depos has been covering remote depositions long before COVID, with technology-savvy reporters, videographers, and technicians ensuring the proceedings run smoothly. For more information on remote depositions, visit our remote depositions page, where you can also schedule your remote proceeding online.


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